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April 2018

Hello everyone, it’s been so long since I have done a post. I think that’s a good thing. The kids are all thriving. Carter is 17 and still loving his friends and sports, Lexi is 16 and got her license last week and has her car so she is happy, Paige is 14 excelling in school and loves cheer, Ryan Mae is 12 she is involved in the youth group at church and was baptized last week by Kaylee one of her youth group leaders (I cried and cried! So proud), Stella is going to be 5 and we are taking her to Disney for her birthday, Elizabeth is almost 3 and is strong willed and has “youngest of 6” written all over her, she runs the show!

I was reflecting all day on what a blessing it is to have these healthy, loving, beautiful children I get to teach, nurture and love. I also was driving through the campus of U of M where we spent the hardest days of our lives almost exactly 6 years ago. While driving yesterday it was raining like it does in April every year and I couldn’t help but have a heavy heart for our Elijah as it brought back all the memories always living under my skin. I looked out our window of Mott into a valley of God’s beautiful trees so many days and prayed and prayed to see my son grow, to see my children play with Elijah, to let me hold my baby. I drove through the valley yesterday and though of our loss.

I also was struggling with the news of one of Carter’s best friends falling very ill. This beautiful young lady is also in the fight for her life. I thought of her and her parents but especially her mom. I remember all the fear, and need for faith and hope, being strong for everyone, and weak when no one could see me, praying relentlessly, being in my knees in the bathroom because it was the only place I could show my weakness. Living minute by minute, praying for each small improvement. Karri, Jeff and Erica we are all praying relentlessly. Erica know how many friends you have who love you.

April is always going to be a struggle and through the struggle God saw me his child and sent me Grace and I promise I see it.


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