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It has taken a month to finally be able to sit down and write about our newest addition and also out final baby Elizabeth. Elizabeth made her appearance on Mothers Day exactly 4 weeks early.  This was and wasn’t a surprise, just over three weeks before Mothers Day I went into Preterm labor. We were again able to stop and get steroids into me for Elizabeth so she would be born with a better chance and her lungs would be ready.

May 10th (mother’s day) at 2am I woke up and knew something wasn’t right, I moved out of the bedroom to the couch to try and sleep but the contractions wouldn’t stop. I woke up Ron around 8am  and told him I wasn’t feeling well. I thought maybe I’m hungry, so Ron took Stella and I to breakfast. I couldn’t really eat however. We then went to church, at church I knew I was in labor. I sat moving back and fourth until finally I said we need to get the older kids and leave. The whole family jumped in the car and I knew I had one more stop I had to make. My amazing Grandma Parry had been placed in Hospice and I needed to see her one more time. We as a family drove out to the Hospice house to see her. I had been going up daily but I knew her time was close or I was going to be in the hospital. I walked into her room that over looked a large pond and I kissed my Grandma for the last time. I told her I couldn’t have asked for a better Grandma and how thankful I was for her. I then told Ron it was time to go after only 10 minutes. Up to this point I think Ron didn’t believe I was in labor because of all the running around I made him do. If you know Ron and I you know I always drive, however when we walked out to the car I said “you have to drive I can’t concentrate” and that was when everyone in the car realized I was feeling bad. The kids were quite and Ron and I discussed calling Dr Maser as he wasn’t on call. I dialed him and he told me to go to the hospital, and he would come in to deliver me. We packed the car, left Stella with the older kids, and were off. One thing I forgot to mention was my mom woke up with the stomach flu that day and couldn’t help. My mom is always there so this was a shocker.  Ron called his parent’s and told them we were going to the hospital and he would call if we needed them. Fast forward one hour and we were prepped to go into delivery. Ron called My dad and his parents. My dad was prepared and had already left Hospice to come be with us he also called my sister to come. Ron’s parents went to get the kids and we were off headed into have our last baby.

At 5:52pm on Sunday May 10th, 2015 I received the most awesome Mothers Day present Elizabeth Ruth Charlene Farhat was born, healthy! She came out with a dark brown full head of hair and looked like Elijah! Both Ron and I couldn’t believe it. I cried with happiness as they swaddled Elizabeth and let Ron bring her to me. She weighed 5lbs 15ozs and was 19 1/2 inches long.

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We ended up adding Ruth to Elizabeth’s name. It was my Grandmas name and she was named after her grandmothers so it was only fitting to name her also after her great grandma too. On one of the final days with my grandma at hospice I told her we were going to add her name as a middle name and she said “how special”.  My grandma passed the day after Elizabeth was born. I have had no words to describe this loss for our family but know she is with her husband, son, and Elijah now.

The family is doing awesome Stella loves Elizabeth and calls her “my baby”. As I hold this beautiful perfect little angel I know I am truly blessed with an amazing family.


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