Blooming Babies

I have a weight on my heart as of late that is hard to describe. I never know when this weight is going to come and when it will leave. I am sure this weight comes with the knowledge of what was to be my due date for Quinn Rose is approaching.

After I lost Quinn in the spring I planted a Quinn Rose Garden to accompany Elijah’s Butterfly Garden. I walked out back yesterday thinking of the loss of my two beautiful heart babies and saw the most amazing rose blooming bush is shades of pink and it made me think of Quinn blooming in God’s Garden. My soul is at peace but that doesn’t take away some of the longing to hold my babies. Today Stella and I danced to Son of God in the living room when she woke up and it brought tears to my eyes. I was so thankful to be holding her so tight and seeing the joy in her eyes dancing with me. Stella is my Grace.



On a different note Stella learned to walk FINALLY about two weeks ago. She is now non stop and little miss independent. She is so funny I have never seen a child more moved by music and dance honestly. She feels the beat of every song she hears and sings along swaying her head and dancing to the beat. I know why, while she was in my womb I sang to her constantly and played her music through her baby buds on my belly all day. I wish you could see her it is so amazing and funny. I will leave you with some sweet pictures!



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