Birthday Note for MJ

Today is the birthday of my best friend Mary Jo! I have been thinking all week about what I can do that would meaningful for my friend. Yesterday it hit me, write about her! Let everyone know what an amazing friend I am lucky enough to have in my life. Mary Jo just happened into my life only four short years ago through our daughters Paige and Hailey. It is funny how life leads us exactly where we are suppose to go, if we follow. It was the first year the kids and I moved to Royal Oak from Holt to start the next chapter of our lives. The kids were starting a new school with all new friends and I was as well. In Holt I had always been a large part of the school and activities around the school but in Royal Oak I was working full time with no support system but Ron and our neighbors. That was until I met Mary Jo.


I will never forget the first time I met MJ it was Halloween and the girls were in Mrs. Mentag’s 1st grade together. Hailey had befriended Paige and they were best friends very quickly. MJ was the class mom and I had gone to help with the party. A very tall and very friendly witch approached and introduced herself as Hailey’s mom and so it began. Throughout that first year Makenna, MJ’s oldest daughter formed a crush on my Carter, Paige and Hailey’s bond grew stronger and Ryan and Charlotte began a friendship as well. Mary Jo was one of the first people I told about being pregnant with Elijah though we were just forming our friendship as well. MJ has a way about her that just makes you feel safe, she listens and is there, however I had no idea of what she would help me through at this time. I was so sick while pregnant with Eli, MJ was always quick to help. When I almost miscarried E, MJ was the one who took all my kids and took care of them. When I found out E was sick while pregnant MJ sat with me and took care of me and so it began the true trust and care I needed with my family away for the first time in my life. When E was born MJ came to the hospital multiple times and was just there to let me cry on her shoulder and cry with me. When we lost our precious boy, and my family was gone MJ was here everyday. Stopping by, letting me talk, making me drink tea, letting me cry and helping me through. She sheltered me from questions and stares at school, she took all the questions and told everyone how I was strong and getting through. It was hearing this over and over that made me strong. She helped with the kids. She made me laugh and feel normal and so my life started to become normal. Then I was pregnant for Stella and I was scared, I could share things with MJ that I couldn’t share with anyone because everyone else needed me to be strong, not MJ she could take it and listen. MJ has now become a part of our family she is Auntie MJ.


Mary Jo I don’t know if you will ever truly know what you have done for me and my family, or what an amazing person, friend, woman, mom, sister, and daughter you are. So I am going to tell you how I feel. You are beautiful inside and out. Your soul is soft and kind, it is caring and tender. Your laughter fills a room as well as your presence. Your smile is welcoming and loving. You are safe, and careful with feelings, you are full of life and zest. You know how to dance and take over a dance floor. When you walk in a room you make everyone look and want to know you. You are strong and can handle stress and we all know you have had your fair share of this as of late. You can do anything with your positive attitude and these are only a few things that makes you the amazing person you are. MJ the world is at your finger tips grab hold and hold on tight.


The Farhat family loves you! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


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