Paige Birthday Note

Today is Paige’s tenth birthday. Not a day has gone by since the birth of Paige that I have not felt grateful for this little fighter. I know I’ve wrote of Paige last year and all we have fought through with Paige, a premature birth, Tumors through out her right leg, and her battle with Crohn’s Disease. Paige has been through a lot in her ten years but we look at it as she is a fighter and it has made all of us stronger and better. Paige knows she lives a blessed life even with her illness. She is sweet, kind, loving and always smiling.



Paige, is perhaps the most kind hearted little soul I have experienced. Not to say she doesn’t have a moment, but they are  very rare. She has faith that you don’t see in many children her age. She loves her friends and family. She is sensitive and silly. Paige has won over Stella’s heart, Stella can see the love that radiates from Paige to her. She immediately responds to Paige, with that trusting little smile that says I know how much Paige loves me. Paige is patient and doesn’t get frustrated, she works hard in school and cheer and excels at both. Paige has a love for life I wish everyone could experience. Happy Birthday to my sweet Paige, you are one of the most precious gifts I have ever received. Also you are what I always prayed for.






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