8 years old

Saturday was Ryan Mae’s 8th birthday. It seems amazing to me that she is already 8 years old. she is almost as tall as her sisters Lexi and Paige and is turning into such a beautiful girl. Recently my friend Mary Jo took amazing pictures of the kids for my parents grand children wall (it was past time for an update of the wall photos) and I wanted to share with you Ryan and her beautiful smile and eyes! Image

I again feel so blessed to have this little girl as my daughter. In the past 5 months I have seen her embrace being a big sister with such ease. Ryan is so proud of her baby sister she wants to carry Stella everywhere for all to see. Ryan is still a lover of playing outside and wants to be in with her brother and the neighbor boys games, though they rarely allow this. Ryan has spent a lot of summer having sleepovers with her best friend Charlotte and they have made up dances and cheers, they have laughed and sang. Charlotte has worked on kart wheels with Ryan as well as Paige and Lexi, Ryan almost has these down if only she could land them everything else is perfect! Ryan bought a new skate board and pads with her birthday money and has been trying to perfect this new activity as well, she is always ready to try something new!


Ryan loves to help, she loves candy, and to sing, she loves with an open heart. Ryan wears cowboy boots with dresses, and can rock on her guitar. She is still very strong willed and loves to make large messes, she may even love to “stir the pot” if you know what I mean (I blame this on the male influences in her life, her dad, Carter, Ron and Pa). Ryan is strong and unique and I love her for exactly all the reasons listed. Happy Birthday my little one, your still my baby girl!




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