Proud Mommy

We find ourselves at Carter’s birthday and not any birthday his 13th birthday! This falls on June 13th of 2013, how cool!!! I know last year I wrote about my amazing Carter and how special he is and that hasn’t changed. This year I want to just add a few more words about C.

Today is also Carter’s last day of 6th grade and going into this year we were both filled with nerves what will it be like moving to a school full of children that are growing, maturing, hitting puberty. What kind of kids will Carter choose as friends what will they introduce him too, will Carter be a follower or a leader? So many additional questions could go here. About a month ago I sat down with Carter’s teachers for his IEP (if you don’t know Carter suffers from Dyslexia) and it was at this meeting I again was told how special Carter really is. The teachers spoke about his bright personality, about how he is so funny, how he follows directions and listens, how he is so kind and caring to others. They say he is popular for just being kind and fun, that he will go far in life just because of his spirit and his drive to not be defined by Dyslexia. He is a hard worker, he doesn’t follow others he leads them. If they could duplicate Carter they would, followed by asking if he was a droid because he was so wonderful…ha not with picking on his sisters, I say. Carter is able to sit in on the IEP for the first time ever and is overcome by emotion as I see the tears form in his eyes as the teachers describe him, I of course always cry just from being a parent who is purely proud of her son and what he can do!. I remember the first IEP I ever went to for Carter and his special Education teacher telling me Carter would not go to college so I needed to start working on accepting this. I remember then the tears I cried due to the fact they could not label my son they didn’t even know him. All they knew were his test results. At this point Carter’s principle stepped in (We were lucky enough that Carter had Mr Hornak as a teacher for two years prior and this was Mr Hornak’s first year as principle at the school) and he said words I will never forget “excuse me but you don’t know Carter and I do, I have had the pleasure of teaching Carter for two years and I am telling you Carter will go to college and go very far in life”. It was this statement I left with I went home and told Carter how wonderful he was how his brain worked a little different so he was going to start a new class so he could learn on his own terms. I told him day after day how smart he was how special, we prayed to God every night and thanked him for Carter’s smart brain and amazing zest for life. It has filled him with confidence and ambition to succeed. I still pray everyday with persistence for Carter to become great, I realize as writing this he already has. My prayers may shift a little from here on out. That Carter uses his greatness for good, that he never forgets he has to work hard but with hard work comes great reward. I will pray they he remains a leader and also uses this for good.

Happy Birthday Carter!!!! You are a truly unique boy with the love you give out and your determination to achieve greatness!!!! I am so very proud of you and cry as I write this.

With all my love, MomImageImage

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