Life with baby



It has been five weeks since our sweet Stella boo (as everyone calls her) has entered our family officially and boy how good it feels. We are all feeling so lucky with our special little girl.

Ryan thinks she is Stella’s little mom. She is always wanting to help, she wants to change diapers, feed bottles, hold her, she corrects everyone if she thinks we are holding Stella wrong etc… Ryan tells me all the time what a good big sister she is and she is right.



Paige loves to hold Stella, feed her and offers to change he diaper. She however is more patient than Ryan and doesn’t demand her Stella time. Paige is calm and patient with Stella and Stella feels this and finds it easy to relax and sleep in her sisters arms.



Lexi is the sibling that has the most recent experience with babies so she is a natural. She can feed Stella and not feel nervous. Lexi is confident in her big sister skills. Lexi loves to tell us all the funny things Stella does.


Carter is amazing with Stella!!! He loves her deeply and Stella knows it. All through my pregnancy Carter and I read together every night, we continue to do this now. Stella knows her brothers voice and loves it. When we read at night she lays and listens as we read, she is always calm and listens to us. I wish I had a picture us this Carter lays on his stomach with his upper body resting on his elbows, he places Stella in his nook so she just stares at him as he reads and I know the both love it. She recognizes his voice and responds to him. Carter comes up stairs every morning and takes Stella out of her bed and holds her before school. He knows when she is hungry, tired, needs a diaper change. He knows his sisters every need and want. When she is fussy it doesn’t scare him, frankly he takes her from Ron and I to try and make her better himself, and many time it works. Carter is a deep thinker and loves to carry on conversations with adults while driving in the car the other day Carter told me he wanted to live at home when he went to college because he didn’t know how he could be away from Stella. This melted my heart and made me laugh. I explained he may change his mind and he told me he never would he loves her so much. Carter also said on this same car ride the only thing that would have made his life more perfect was if we had both Elijah and Stella (I feel the same), I did say we wouldn’t have Stella if we hadn’t lost Elijah. Stella was a gift from God, Stella is God’s grace. That was why we named her Stella Grace.



ImageRon and I daily tell each other how blessed we feel. I cherish every moment, when she cries, when she poops all through her clothes, when she is up at night, everyone of these moments I am thankful for. I don’t care if I get no sleep I have gift that I will not take for granted and I will teach her all about Gods love for us.







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  1. She’s beautiful and so is your whole family. I’m being induced next Friday for Zachary’s arrival!!!

    Rebecca A

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