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It makes it all a little sweeter

We had a little scare last week with Stella, and preterm labor. It was Thursday night and I had complained to Ron of a worsening back ache since around lunch. The back ache became so bad by bed time that I could hardly roll over. I had listened to our Stella Grace on out fetal Doppler and she sounded great so off to slumber I went. When I was awaken at 4:30 with an Alert that school was being closed due to the snow storm I went to the bathroom and realized I was still feeling awful but now I was feeling completely nauseated as well. I was able to go back to sleep and was relieved to know I had a doctor’s appointment in Lansing in just a few hours. When I finally woke at 8am I woke to the kids laughing and enjoying their day off and all the snow that covered our yard and street, however I also awoke with severe pain on my belly. It was a cramping that was coming and going but would stop me in my tracks when it came. I tried to relax and get ready but I knew something was wrong. I loaded the girls in the car for the trip into Lansing to see grandma and grandpa while I went to the doctor. The roads were awful and it hadn’t stopped snowing in our area traffic was moving slow and panic began to grow in me as I drove closer to Lansing and further from Royal Oak. In Brighton I called Doctor Maser, Ron and my mom to tell them. I was in pain fearing I was in labor and driving my girls in the snow storm. Ryan was scared! She began to cry with worry about me as Paige talked nonstop with nerves. I told them mommy was ok and driving very safe it would be fine. After a 2 hour drive in that would typically only take an hour. My mom and dad met us at the Okemos exit where my mom drove me to the doctor and my dad took the girls to his house. We walked in and were seen immediately and given an ultrasound Stella had turned head down and her head was in my pelvis so no pictures as we couldn’t see her face anymore. I was contracting and sent to labor and delivery. I was there all day trying to stop the progression of labor. My contractions had moved from every 5 minutes t every 2 minutes I was give the maximum dose of Terbutaline a drug used to stop labor. This however didn’t work they changed to the drug Procardia and after several fast and furious doses this did slow them down. I was now however nausea’s not able to keep any food or drink down, had the horrible body shakes, and a migraine headache. I was able to go home on oral Procardia to keep the contractions at bay and it seems to be working as of now.

We have our Florida trip around the corner and just need to make it through this. I was given enough medicine to hopefully conquer our trip. I really need a vacation.

Funny when you think about things, it is so easy for some people to have children. Not for me and yet here I am on carrying my 5th amazing blessing and I swear I am more excited than ever. I feel like I was put on this earth to love and nurture and I don’t mind fighting for everything I have been given. It makes it all a little sweeter. Oh and the sweeter part also MSU basketball beat Michigan!

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