The word intention has been put in front of me a lot lately by family and friends. Choices that others are making that leave us wondering.  It has made me have to stop and think about this word and what it means. Intention is defined as

  1. A thing intended; an aim or plan.
  2. The action or fact of intending.

But what does that mean when we put it to life. What our intentions are in relationships, as parents, friends, spouses? Intention shapes our life and we don’t even fully realize it. How we behave changes people even if it isn’t our intention to do so. Choices we make, can alter so much. We see it in movies with our friends and family, it is easy to spot from the outside looking in but what about if you are the person who is in the middle?

My intention in to raise my children to be strong faithful adults. To love their family, to treat others kindly, to be hard workers, to forgive, to help others, to treat others the way they want to be treated. Am I on path for this I wonder? I look at my life and see mistakes that I make daily no one is perfect. I do not have a crystal ball.  It is my intention to have a strong marriage build on an unwavering foundation, Ron and I take steps daily to ensure this but are we doing enough?  I ask my kids daily if they are making good choices in their life or I remind them to make good choices. Am I making good choices? All I can do is daily evaluate what my intentions are for the benefit of myself and the others around me, to trust in God to lead me.

Here is a song asking for help in these matters.

Lead Me by Sanctus Real

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