Yesterday while I was working an idea popped into my head, as I was thinking about how thankful I was for such amazing children. You see I was looking over their report cards and before I knew it I had a lump in my throat. Every one of the kids had received outstanding marks in personal behavior, social development, work habits, listening and sharing ideas. I read phrases from the teachers about what a “pleasure it was to have them in class”, “demonstrates a hard work ethic”, “spreads joy”, “Outstanding citizenship”, “interacts well with classmates”, “Leader”…etc. As a parent I love to see “A’s” of course or the number “5” or “exceeds expectations”, however what moves me the most is that we are raising kids with love, respect, discipline, honor, rules and good morals. This is the area I think shapes us the most. I began to cry as I thought about all we/they have been through a divorce of their parents at a young age, a remarriage and merge of family, disease diagnosis, the loss of a sibling. I use to feel guilt for all the kids have been through in their young lives but yesterday that somehow changed and began to see to that yes they had been through so much but it has made them better people. Yes as a parent we hate when our kids are sad and never wish this, however that is the time for growth. Showing love to one another, not giving in to a rule or making an exception because they had it rough, teaching respect to you and one another, showing dedication and what hard work looks like. These are lessons that every day I work on with myself, bettering myself. I pray to learn and listen to others; I pray that my family feels my love and dedication to them and our community, I share stories of other families that struggle and we pray for those in need. After so much though and happy tears yesterday I decided last night to have the kids sit down and write 20 things they were most thankful for.

Carter wrote he is most thankful for his family, friends, food, water, house …etc. Some of the most moving one for me on his list were Hospitals and doctors that take care of Paige and mom, and took care of Eli.

Paige wrote she was thankful for her family, friends, house, water, air…etc. The part that was awesome about Paige was she is most grateful for love, life, and of course her red hair. This out of the child that is ill, her disease has taught her to value her life even more and not to take it for granted.

Ryan wrote she is thankful for her  mom, Ron, Dad, Paige, Carter, Izzo, Grandma, Grandpa, cousins, her friend Max and Katie…you get the picture…haha. However at the end she wrote she was thankful for having fun, school, her teachers, and the police.

I wanted to write was I was thankful for.

  1. My faith, where would I be without this?
  2. My husband who loves me unconditionally, and will always let me cry on his chest. He is the best listener, and doesn’t judge. He makes me feel safe. He is also sooo handsome!
  3. My children, who are my greatest gift! They challenge me to be better daily, they love freely, they bring so much joy that my heart is overflowing.
  4. My precious Elijah, who I carried in me for almost 36 weeks and bonded then but also for the most memorable 12 days I have ever had. I am thankful for this time and what I was taught.Elijah you were the strongest person I have ever known
  5. My parents, they raised me in the safest environment where every day I was loved, I could be free, I could learn, but I had rules. I strive daily to raise my children with my own childhood in mind.
  6. My friends, you listen, you hold my hand, we laugh, we cry!
  7. God’s grace, I have Stella Grace growing inside me because of this. I feel the love and hope that comes from this. It pushes me forward.
  8. Doctors and staff. There are too many of you to name. You work daily to save lives. You keep Paige and Stella growing, not to mention healing us all. You show us compassion and you try to save lives but when you can’t you are honest and graceful.
  9. My In-laws, You have welcomed all of us with seamless transition. You were there for us when we needed you; you provide us strength, and love.
  10. My Siblings, this is one is where I have a hard time saying all I feel. I feel the greatest support. Love and comfort knowing you are there for me.
  11. My job, I have a job I love with the best boss and team I could ask for. It is flexible and always changing keeping me thinking and never bored.
  12. My Grandma, she has been such an amazing teacher and woman to have as an example. She raised a family that is full of heart that is caring and dedicated to each other.
  13. My nieces and nephews, who bring me joy and a warm my heart.
  14. My entire family!

My list could go on but I think you got the picture.  Have a happy Thanksgiving and remember all you have to be thankful for.

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