The month of excitment!

Well August started with a bang! Carter started football 5 days a week, I started a new job, family vacation, and a new life was growing and I didn’t even know yet. We were on our family vacation with all the kids and Ron’s family when I had the first “sign”. It wasn’t that I was late or anything was wrong it was an app I had on my phone. I downloaded a few months earlier while playing with the girls at my friend Mary Jo’s house it’s called “I Predict”. We the family and I were all having it read our fortunes, the phone was passed to me from Lexi and I tapped it and read “You’re pregnant. Congratulations!” I though wow maybe I am and everything started to feel different. I showed Ron, the kids, Pat, Cherri, I texted it to Mary Jo. I thought, I am! Also I though and this baby is stuck good after all the roller coasters I had rode two days prior 🙂


It was just two weeks after our vacation ended that I took the pregnancy test. Ron had asked me not to because he said I was just wasting one. However I waited until the next morning and I was right. Within 30 seconds I saw the word “pregnant”!!!! I called Ron at work and he didn’t believe me so I sent the picture of the pregnancy test. He said It’s a girl, I know it! Guess what he was right!!!!!

We are expecting a GIRL!


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8 responses to “The month of excitment!

  1. Sherrie Nunheimer

    Congrats! I will get gram making girl blankies for you!

  2. Alys Long

    So happy for you!

  3. Lodi Valles

    Congrats! so happy for you and your family!

  4. Dave Putnam

    words can not express the heartfelt joy we have for you !!

  5. Jill Vandlen

    Congratulations Tera & Ron and family!

  6. Sheila

    Congrats! I couldn’t be happier for you!

  7. Five girls under one roof!!!! A lot of weddings in our future yikes!

  8. Congratulations!!! So very excited for you!

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