Sweet Paige

You’ve guessed it right it is another Birthday week in our home and this time it is for our sweet Paige. If you know Paige you know we are not kidding when we call her that. She has the nicest, sweetest, loving heart I have ever know. She is rarely upset and just loves with such ease. She sees the good in everyone and it is very rare that Paige is in trouble or making pore choices she is just “pure” it the best way to put it. She loves to hug and give kisses, she holds your hand, cuddles on the couch, just is always loving. When I look back at Paige I can’t help but think if her loving nature is from her early struggles when she was brought into the world. Paige was a preemie, and a sick one at that. She was delivered at Ingham and transported at just hours old to Sparrow where she was put in the NICU. She had to be put on a ventilator for immature lungs, and given a chest tube from her body being under too much stress, she then got pneumonia. It was the first time in my life that true fear was a part. I prayed much like I did with Elijah for Paige, I cried, I begged and pleaded and I was heard. My little fighter Paige made it through with grace.

Looking back at Paige as a baby she was always sweet and loving she just sat sucking that binkie of hers with her glow of red hair. She was in awe of her brother and found out how to keep up with him very young. However Paige as a toddler was somewhat different, she was always sweet as can be but she became an explorer. She was curious and was always into things, she could climb like you wouldn’t believe and I many times found her in the top of the bathroom pantry or stuck somewhere because she figured out how to get in and couldn’t figure how to get out. She would not stay in her bed and every night you would hear the pitter patter of Paige making her way out of her bed and down the hall to our room. It was at this time she would crawl into our bed and sing to us. She loved singing Bushel and a peck, or Baby bumble bee. Paige was my child who would wander off on more than one occasion and  I would find myself in another absolute nightmare, both times at our neighbors visiting. However you would turn around for a second and this little girl would be gone. At my parents pool she would wander in with no adults in the water and just go right under with no fear she would look up at you while you were freaking out and just stare, when you pulled her up she wouldn’t cry or even fuss she would just look for the opportunity ti do it again, my first grey hair came then as well as more nightmares. Now to see her you would never imagine that out of her.

If you look at Paige now this would not seem possible, she now is a pleaser. She has amazing grades and does tremendous in school, she takes the laid back approach with her friends and can typically find a solution to conflict.She stays close to myself or the adults and always checks in and then goes back to playing. Paige is also the child that has gotten two concussions, broke her arm, suffers from a rare hemangioma disorder, and was diagnosed with Crohns Disease last year. She has faced a lot in her 9 years on this earth. She is a fighter and warrior when needs be, she is an explorer when learning, and she is grace. Paige knows she is loved by God and her family and friends and in exchange is able to be the best example of unconditional love I have seen on earth. Paige is the perfect example of love, faith and hope!


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