Ryan Mae


Here I sit at the computer for a second time in one week, but this time it is about my amazingly beautiful little girl Ryan Mae! It is Ryan’s 7th birthday and I think back to all those years ago when my little blonde baby girl made her appearance in this world. She was born in the middle of the day and she was perfect, no complications just pure bliss. She was 6lbs 7oz and 21 inches long and the picture of a healthy baby unlike any baby I have ever had. She was wheeled out of the delivery room to our family who was waiting for her…My mom, dad, Aunt Wendy, Aunt Leanne, Uncle Mike, and of course Carter, and Paige. We were all instantly is love!Image



Ryan is a spunky little girl who is full of life. She loves to sing and dance and is always asking me to dance with her (like mother like daughter). Ryan is strong!!! I mean this in every way, she is strong willed, strong hearted, strong tempered. She lives her life full of passion! She lets you know when she is happy, when she is sad or even when she is tired. Ryan can communicate like no other child I know. She started talking in complete and precise sentences very young and she hasn’t stopped. She is helpful, a hard worker, loves to play with the boys outside, or play house with the girls. You will notice Ryan is always the mommy at house as she loves to nurture and love those around her or maybe it because she loves to have authority…haha. When we found out we were going to have a baby Ryan was so excited maybe the most excited if I dare say. Ryan would kiss my belly everyday she got out of her class at school and say Hi Eli. She was always singing to my belly and rubbing or talking to E. So for Christmas my mom bought Ryan an American girl doll while I was pregnant and she ordered it to look just like what Elijah looked like, she loved this baby boy doll like it was her very own, changing his diapers, feeding him, reading to him, loving on him, and sleeping with him. So it was to no surprise what an amazing big sister Ryan turned out to be for Elijah. She was nervous at first about being the big sister and asked for us to be patient because she was “new at this big sister thing”. But it only took minutes for Ryan to see her brother and fall in complete love with him. She went home and continued to pray for E. She prayed for him to get better, and to hold him, she asked God to take care of him. When she would come and visit she was never intimidated by the machines working on Elijah she would just march right in and pull up a chair to stand on. She kissed his hands, his feet and his head, she sang to him and she talked to him. She wanted to hold him and see him and always felt it unjust if a grandparent got to go in and she didn’t “it was her brother” she would state. When Eli passed she was broken hearted like us. She stills cries about missing her brother at least a couple times a month.

In telling about Ryan I hope you can see what a truly awesome little girl we have. She is full of spunk, full of love and full of life. Happy 7th birthday Ryan, mommy is so proud of who you are!!!!



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  1. Terry Vandlen

    I don’t usually comment on your page Tera but I have to on this day. Ryan Mae, you truly are a blessing to me. Happy birthday young lady. Grandma Pudding loves you more than words can express. I hope your birthday was full of wonderful memories.

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