Oh how they grow

I know you are here to follow the journey of Elijah’s life and now death, however today I ask you to read and enjoy the story of my first born son Carter Michael. This week has been a week dedicated to Carter. His birthday was June 13 and he turned 12 years old. It is Carter’s last week of school and with that comes his graduation from elementary school. It seems like only yesterday I was bringing this amazing little boy into the world and oh how he has grown!

Our journey started when I was 22 years old, just a baby myself. Carter was brought into this world under great distress himself. I had gone into see Dr. Maser again for an appointment for blurry vision and swelling. The type of swelling that made it so my Birkenstocks didn’t even fit, YES I know it is hard for me to admit I did wear Birkenstocks. When my blood pressure was taken I was sent directly to the hospital to deliver Carter. I was induced for pre-eclampsia, 13 hours later an emergency c-section had to be performed. Carter’s little heart rate kept dropping during contractions and this was dangerous for him. Dr Maser was called in and had the baby out within 10 minuets. I cried the whole time, I was so scared for his safety and health. He did not come out crying it was silent, I was begging for news. They said he was ok, I cried with relief. He did not score high on his Apgars but he was pinking up and going to be OK. Dr Maser explained Carter’s cord was in a knot, not around his neck but he tied himself into a complete knot and when he engaged it tightened causing the issue. My boy was here, however I was in my own medical struggle with sky rocketing blood pressure I had to be put on Magnesium. If you don’t know about this drug let me tell you, it makes you turn into a ball of fire. I was burning up having to be packed in ice. It also cause double vision and sensitivity to light, I could barely use my arms and could not hold my baby without help. Carter had to be held to my breast to feed him by someone else. After 48 hours on the Magnesium I was weened off and the true bonding started. Carter and I were learning together, he was a colic baby. I had gone into the pregnancy pretty cocky after babysitting for so many years and taking care of my nephews Jacob and Zachary. However Carter was not going to make it easy, he would cry all the time, we all took turns walking him all over on a pillow like the king. Because this was the only thing that could/would console him. I cried that he didn’t like me, I felt like I was a failure. However after a Hospitalization of Carter for and extremely high fever and being lethargic, I never leaving him not for a second during a four day stay at Sparrow, a switch was flipped. My baby was finally well, he was 1 month old and happy! I think we both grew so much during that hospital stay we knew we would always be together. He knew how I loved him and would never leave him, and he loved me the same. It was unconditional love. Carter stills shows me this love everyday. He is not shy about hugging me and kissing me in front of friends.Everyday when I drop him off at school he kisses me with his friends pointing and laughing, he doesn’t care. He comes behind me and hugs me all the time, this boy that is almost as tall as me. He is my protector, he is my hero!

I look at this boy in front of me today and I am so blessed. Words can’t describe the love I have for Carter. He is so strong, happy, loving, kind, tender hearted, responsible, an amazing son and brother. He is dependable, trustworthy, he fills a room with his presence. He is beautiful not only to the eye but to the soul. His spirit is funky, funny, joy filled, if I could ask for the perfect son, I would ask for Carter.



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2 responses to “Oh how they grow

  1. Mom and grandma

    Carder is a wonderful blessing, and I love h with all my heart! You have done a amazing job rearing him, because after everything he has been through, he is still so well adjusted , secure, and loving. I’m so proud of both of you! Love you Mom

  2. Holly Corr

    I’ve missed your updates and like ANYTHING you write about…so there. :o]

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