Today is the 1st anniversary of our wedding. WOW, what a year this has been. Funny how you can start a year with so much love, hope, joy, excitement, anticipation, and end the year with so much loss, and hurt.

Ron and I decided to up our wedding date  to June 7th, 2011. This was due to factors with custody, court, etc. We had been engaged and had a wedding already planned for August 19th, however due to other factors we decided to up the date. We were committed to one another and living as a family already so in May we decided to do it in June. We invited just our parents, my sister, Ron’s brother, all the kids, and our neighbors join us.

June came and it was the hottest week of the summer, the weather was in the 100 degree area all week and sunny. We do not have air conditioning in out little Royal Oak 1950’s bungalow, well central air that is. We have two window air conditioner units, but it is just not the same. It was June 6th and I decided to go to the gym at 10pm, after I had put the kids to bed. I was feeling stressed with getting everything done for the wedding which took place in the middle of the week. I had done dinner and homework, I was hot, and trying to keep the house clean because everyone was meeting here and people don’t come to our house very often we go to them. I was thinking about the 7th and how I had to get my hair done, makeup, I needed to take the kids to school and pick them up. I had to get them dressed, do the hair of three little ones as well. So thinking of everything made me stressed!!! The gym sounded like a perfect idea for release. After the work out was over it was just past 11:15 and I went to my car. I started backing out of my spot and was looking out the mirrors when, WHACK! I had run into the cement pillar outside the gym. Oh #&)&$@!!! I got out and looked it was drivable but smashed in. I drove home crying the whole so much for the release. I cried myself up the stairs and told Ron, nothing we can do tonight he said and we went to sleep. I was very glad he was so cool and calm about the smashed car. When we woke I took the kids to school and began the hectic day. I went to Douglas J to get my hair done, and make up. As I walk from one place to another sweat it dripping off me and I am worried my curls will turn into a frizzy mess from the humidity. When I get back home I look in the mirror and I have two black streaks dripping down my face from my mascara melting. I go to my bedroom where the air conditioner is on and at least it’s only 82 degrees up here compared to the 95 degrees in the rest of the house. Ron gets home and I ask him to go get all the kids from school, he does. When he gets back I am running around getting their hair curled which is no easy feat if you know Lexi. I am beginning to lose my patience when everyone starts arriving. I ask for Pat and my sister to help with Lexi so I can get myself ready. I walk down the stairs to head to the justice of the peace and walk into our living room, everyone is dripping with persperation. I can’t help but smile and think I know what I am asking for, for my wedding present air conditioning! Yes I did get one 🙂

We arrive at the Court house in down town Royal Oak and the sun is shinning down, and it is so beautiful. The wedding takes place and I am so happy to kiss my new husband, everyone cheers and we pop the champagne and have a toast to our new family! We all go out to dinner, the dad’s pick up the bill and I would say it was perfect! I was also so thankful to start our new life and create our dreamed about baby. The future feels so bright like the sun is shinning for us.

Wow, in one year we got married had a reception, lost two grand parents, I got pregnant, we had a baby and lost a baby. Here we are one year later.

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  1. Kim

    If you ever want to talk, contact me. I completely know where you are. Steve and I got married in September, got pregnant in November, and then lost our daughter in June. We then got pregnant again right before our 1 yr. anniversary. In fact in our first 4 1/2 years of marriage we had 4 pregnancies, 2 live births and two stillborn. I remember that first year and thinking how wrong and bizarre and horrible, yet beautiful and amazing our first year of marriage was. It was as if I hated and loved it at the same time. It was a hard emotion to wrap my mind around.

    Thinking of you. Know I’m here if you want to talk.

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