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Fear or Hope.

After the shock of what was discovered on Halloween, I went home and prayed all night. I looked up bible versus, I did not sleep, I pleaded and a calm finally came. I remember my grandma Parry again telling me a story about living in fear. My grandpa was gone and she was home with my Aunt Camille, and she thought someone was breaking into their home. She was frozen with fear, but she prayed a simply prayer, “When I am afraid, I will trust” she prayed this simple prayer all night and made it through the night safe from harm. I kept thinking of this simple story and little but dynamic prayer that night. I lay awake in bed and prayed and prayed. The sun came up and I had a renewed strength, I took the kids to school and went to work, I had decided to give my fear to God and trust that God had a plan for our life. My day went on I wasn’t obsessed thinking about the Cystic Hygroma on our baby and what this meant. I picked the kids up from school and came home to start dinner.

I was in the kitchen when Ron walked through the door. I think he was shocked to see I wasn’t crying and I was making dinner. I chit chatted with him and then went into the bathroom. The kids were outside playing and Ron was sitting on the couch, when I yelled for him. I am bleeding all over “Ron come quick I am miscarrying the baby”. He comes in and seems to not know what to say or do. I am not cramping I am just covered in bright red blood. I say get the kids and I will call out neighbor Angie to see if she can keep them while we go to the hospital. I call Angie they aren’t home, I call Mary Jo next, she says bring them over. We pile the kids in the car without telling them too much. Just that something may be wrong with the baby in my stomach. I dial Dr Maser and tell him we are headed to the hospital.

I call my Mom and Pat, I remember Pat saying maybe this is God’s way of making this easier. I am feeling very much similar in my thoughts. God knows the baby is sick and he calling her home. I have a calm feeling, I am not scared, I am trusting God and his decisions. Ron drops me at the door and I go to the desk and explain I am miscarrying and I am 12 weeks along. Ron finds me and I am sitting in triage, as we are sitting I feel another warm gush of blood coming from me, I am calm still. I pray “God I am trusting you”.

6 hours later after, no sleep, ultrasounds, exams, and throwing up,  we walk out of the hospital. I am still pregnant. I show no signs of miscarriage. In ultrasound the technician is quite to start, but by the end she is showing me our baby, telling me everything looked ok to her but the doctor had to read it to verify her findings. It is the first time Ron has seen our baby and in that moment I could see him fall in love. He asks the technician if she can tell the sex of the baby, she says no “I laugh”. The sack is intact, I am not dilated, the baby had a strong heartbeat, they don’t know how to explain all the blood except to say it could have been a cyst that burst or a blood vessel. I am not sure how to feel, Yes I am tired, and hungry, but emotionally what is it I feel? I am not relieved, I still an carrying a baby that has something wrong, but I am not upset I didn’t miscarry. I think God knows what he is doing and I am trusting. I speak my grandma’s prayer again several times that night.

Ron and I drop into bed and before my head hits the pillow I am asleep, It had been over 48 hours since I had slept and my body was not giving me a choice. I woke up the next day and was told to stay in bed for a few days and call my Doctor. We were scheduled the next morning for our CVS but when they heard about the night in the ER with a threatened miscarriage they reschedule our appointment for a week later due to the risks involved. We have to wait a week I try to talk them into the test, I say I understand the risks but I am no good at waiting, they don’t care.

I think back on this day a lot now that we know what happened and I question. Why didn’t God take Elijah this night? Why was I to carry and fall more in love by the day with him, only to have him be taken so quickly? What was my lesson? Why? I don’t understand?

The only thing I come back too, time, and time again is that Elijah was brought to earth to unite us in Love and Compassion, this brings me the only full peace I have felt.


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Halloween morning I woke up and was excited! First off it was the perfect fall day low 60’s temperature, parties at school, Halloween costumes, parades, and lots of candy. To kick it all off I had my 11 week ultrasound scheduled at 10:30am. I dropped the kids off at school and drove to Lansing, working on my way to town. I wore a simple black pencil skirt that I had just finally had to buy a size bigger to encompass my growing belly, and a black and white blouse, I had on my signature black knee high boots and if I hadn’t told you I was pregnant you would have never known. I had spent Sunday making fudge for the doctors office, and had placed in a ghost cookie jar. I always love to treat the office to a little gift to brighten their day as well. I had asked if Pat (my mother in law) wanted to join me and she was so excited until she realized she had a case of the shingles and shouldn’t be around me, so I was on my own. I pulled into the office talking to Wendy (my sister) on the phone. I told her I was at the office and I would call when I was done.

I walked in and happily handed the jar of peanut butter fudge to Cindy. Ultrasound called me back right away and took me in the dark room. I laid on the bed and pulled up my blouse, I tucked a towel into my skirt, and the technician squirted warm jelly on my expanding belly. We were talking and I told her how I knew the baby was a girl from the gender test, she smiled never believing for a moment it was accurate. She scanned and measured, and scanned some more, she grew quite. She said I will be right back, she left the room for about 5 minutes and I lay there thinking of our new baby girl. The technician came back in and kept measuring but not really responding as I babbled on. Now I think I was such a fool rambling on and on. She told me I was done and put me in the “room” this is a room I had never been put in before. The room sits in the middle of the practice and has a bed but doesn’t have much room for examination (in time I came to hate this dreaded room it is the bad news for Tera room). She had me sit, typically Lisa would come in and take my blood pressure and ask me some basic question but not this day. Today Dr Maser walks in and he is carrying his lap top with him, he says it “Tera the baby has something called a Cystic Hygroma, it is a sac of fluid on the baby that travels from the top of the head to the middle of the back, babies with Cystic Hygroma’s have a high risk of Down Syndrome, Turners Syndrome” Dr Maser names many other syndromes, and disorders that are to many to name.  Everything becomes fuzzy I can’t really hear the doctor anymore, I am in shock!!!! I remember Dr Maser showing me the ultrasound asking questions like if I had any viruses during the pregnancy, I say “I don’t know I am sick all the time throwing up yes some days are worst than others, but I don’t know”. I am in shock I need Ron, where is he, I am alone what do I do, I am scared, why is this happening! Dr Maser has Cindy his wife walk me to the back where they draw a lot of blood for more testing. I cry on Cindy’s shoulder I remember this. Dr Maser  is calling to find out where to send me for the first appointment for a CVS (Chorionic Villus Sampling) this is chromosomal testing on my placenta. Not many doctors do this procedure because there is a high risk involved with miscarriage. He gets me two appointments one in Grand Rapids or one in Royal Oak for the end of the week. Dr Maser knows me and knows I need to find out what is happening as fast as possible. I don’t remember much else at the office the next thing I remember is calling Ron in the car.

I can hardly speak I am sobbing “Ron something is wrong with the baby” is all I can choke out, I am heaving in the car sitting in the parking lot. I don’t even know what Ron says. All I remember now is I am sitting in Pat and Ron’s house, Ron Sr is holding me and I can’t speak just sobs, into him. He says “Tera what, what is wrong” I choke it out again “Something is wrong with the baby” “she isn’t going to make it, if she survives the Cystic Hygroma she will have something major wrong, Oh God, Please”. We talk about the diagnosis and they give me a large fruit bouquet,  with a card saying congratulations because no one thought this would happen.

I am driving home, I call my mom. I need my mom, she isn’t there. I tell my dad but he doesn’t totally understand. I talk to Wendy, I talk to Shannon, I am in shock still. I am crying I am pleading with God the whole way home, please God let the Cystic Hygroma dissolve, Please let our baby be ok, I will do anything please. I get home and Ron is here I cry and explain what I know and he holds me, he tells me it will all be fine, he knows it the baby is going to be alright. He tells me to wait to get the test results, he holds me.

We go to the school for the Halloween parade. I have swollen red eyes and I have to smile and act like all is fine, when inside I am screaming for help and understanding. I have never felt so scared in my life, so helpless, so confused. I have done everything perfect to prepare, I took the vitamins, folic acid, I don’t drink, or smoke, I don’t take any medicine, why is this happening? We make it through the Halloween activities and for the first time since the year Mike and I separated I cried on Halloween. Ron takes the kids trick or treating while I sit in shock with Mary Jo. I am still sick, I want to cry but all I can say is I am in shock.

This is a copy of the email I sent to close friends and family the day after finding out about the Cystic Hygroma.

Dear friends and family,

Here is the news if you don’t already know. Ron and I are pregnant I am and 11 weeks 5 days along, and it’s a girl. On Monday I went for an ultra sound and got some horrible news. The baby while growing and moving like crazy had something wrong. She has something called a Cystic Hygroma, this is a fluid filled sack that sits from the middle of her head down to the end of the spinal cord. I was told this is very bad news, baby’s with this cyst are at a 50% chance of having a lethal chromosomal disorder, a 20% chance of having a lethal heart defect, and a 20% chance of having Kidney or skeletal disorder, many lethal. What this means we are at a 10% chance of having a healthy baby with out issues. If you google cystic hygroma, it’s a wealth of horrible news. I would like to hold onto the 10% hope for having the cyst dissolve and all turning out fine in the end. On Tuesday I will be going in for CVS which is chromosomal testing and once we have those results we will know where to head.

Why I am telling you? I am asking our family and friends to pray with everything you have for healing. And if not for healing for strength and God’s will.

Love Tera

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Boy or Girl???

As I have stated in the past Ron wants a baby boy so bad after already having the perfect little strong girl (Lexi), also he is so out number by girls in the house. Ron, Carter and Izzo (the dog, who can’t talk no matter how hard he tries) stand alone against myself, Lexi, Paige, and Ryan. They are out numbered to the max, this is a house of strong females who fight for themselves and don’t let things go, we are emotional, we cry, we fight, we argue, we fight for our right for expression, we sing, we dance, and we shop! I have the typical talk with Ron about “what if the baby is a girl?” he says in response “I will accept it and love her, I just might mourn for a little while” I laugh and say a little prayer to myself “please let the baby be a little boy who is happy and healthy”. Though I feel I know the baby is a boy, in my heart.

I have heard about many claims of tests out there that will tell the baby’s gender early. I researched many but do not find any that seem accurate, or make much scientific sense. Finally my cousin Shannon points me in the direction of one that is quite expensive but does have a good accuracy rate, and makes sense scientifically, plus there is a money back guarantee. This test is a blood test that the mom takes between 9 and 12 weeks gestation and it looks for Y chromosomes in the blood.  Also if you know me well you know I hate surprises, I love to be prepared. I use to sneak into all my birthday presents and became an expert at being a snoop for any surprises that happened in our house or anyone else. My brother taught me tricks at a very young age on how to master the unwrap and re wrap of presents, or where to look for hiding spots. To wait one more or even eight more weeks to find out the gender of our baby was killing me so I sent away for the test, over night shipping of course.

It was the middle of October and Paige happened to be home sick from school, while we were still discovering what was wrong with our little red head, the test came in the mail. I opened the test read the directions and started it. It took so much blood I had to keep poking my fingers over and over to get enough blood, finally I was done and Paige kept asking me “mommy why are you making yourself bleed all over”, I just laughed and said because “I have no patience Paigie”. We went to the post office and sent the test in, now only 48 hours until we find out!!!!

2 days later actually 53 hours later at 9pm I checked my email (I opted for the email verion so the results would come faster) and I read….It’s a GIRL!!!!!  OMG I am reading this out loud and it hit my brain seconds before I spoke the words to Ron…”it’s a GIRL” Silence. All I can say is “Sorry honey” I want to cry because I am still happy we are having a girl baby. I get up off the couch and go upstairs where I call Wendy, Mom, and Pat and tell them. The baby is a girl and her name will be Veronica Jo (Ronnie) they are all happy for me. I am feeling upset by this point that Ron is not happy. He comes up to bed after 2 hours and lays next to me where I can’t look at him let alone speak to him. He says “I just needed a minute to digest” still I am silent he says I guess I make girls. Still nothing from me except tears are streaming down my face. He says “Tera why are you crying?” I think really he is asking me this???? I finally say through a cracking voice because” God gave us a girl and you don’t love her, all you should care about is a healthy baby” Ron says “I don’t care the sex Tera I do love this baby boy or girl and pray for it’s health all the time” He is now hugging and comforting me and I realize I was just scared he wasn’t going to love her for being a girl and that was just ridiculous. Ron has a heart that not many see and he puts on a big front but he is one of the most careful, sensitive, loving men I have ever witnessed and I feel safe in his arms he holding me. I say “I named her already” and he said “what did you name her” and I say “after both of her parents  Veronica Jo nick name Ronnie” I know this is the perfect name for our baby girl.

We fall asleep together and dream of a baby boy, with dark hair.

Tell Me Pink or Blue?
Dear Tera Farhat,Congratulations!

Based on our Pink or Blue® test results, we are pleased to inform you that you’ll be having a baby …


We would like to thank you for using our Pink or Blue® Early Gender Test and hope this experience has brought you joy. Every Pink or Blue® DNA Test result carries a 95% accuracy rate and a money-back guarantee. If you have any additional questions or comments, please feel free to contact us.


Customer Care Center

Consumer Genetics, Inc.
Toll Free: 1-866-694-2878
International: 1-408-734-2229
Fax: 1-408-734-2221


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Nine weeks or maybe 8?

It is time to schedule my first prenatal appointment. I have my long term doctor and office that I love, Dr. Michael Maser from A New Beginning. Dr Maser has delivered all of my other kids and has always taken care of my health. In May I went to doctor Maser and told him Ron and I were ready to start a family and I wanted to be at my best health for this, so Dr Maser started me on prenatal vitamins and folic acid. I have always understood the importance of getting your body ready to carry a precious baby inside of you and nourish a life from the very start. Ron and myself were getting married June 7th and we wanted to start trying after our wedding reception in August, this gave me a few months head start of vitamins and supplements. I cut out pop, coffee, ate a healthy diet, and exercised in preparation. 

If you have been around me while I have been pregnant in the past you know I have a hard time. I throw up from week 8 until after I deliver the baby. I am put on Zofran an anti nausea medication that was created for cancer patients. I told Ronnie, and family about this before I was pregnant but I don’t think they understood until they were living with me. I was constantly hugging the toilet bowl, traveling with a zip lock bag, or sleeping with a bowl.  I don’t mind it’s who I am and I know what I get in the end, it is so worth it to me!

I head into the office with a box of cookies for the staff, I say Hi to Cindy at the desk and Dr Maser’s wife and I am so excited to be heading down this path again. Lisa, Dr Maser’s medical assistant calls be back and it is one of those time I don’t mind getting weighed. We sit down in a room together and she talks to me about the pregnancy and we share a smile over this. Dr Maser steps in and says in perfect form “you did it again” we both laugh. We go over my past medical history and I talk him into a quick ultrasound. Dr Maser walks me into the darkened room where they do ultrasounds, we will figure out my due date. Because of stress over the summer through early August I have not been regular so it is hard to say what my due date was.

I am wearing my suit for work, the room is dark, I pull up my blouse to expose my belly, the scan starts. A moment later there he is, a little baby with a beating heart! It is real I see him on the screen, I can’t tell yet my stomach is not bulging, I can not feel him, I have only just started to feel queasy. I immediately  feel the sting of tears that prick my eyes, I have the lump in my throat. I am in love instantly, I feel the hopes and dreams for the future, I see kids playing at the beach. Then I notice, Dr Maser is very quite then asks me when my last cycle was and when I got a positive pregnancy test. I am alarmed, I see a heart beat why are we asking these questions again? I tell him and he says the baby is measuring a little smaller than he should be, and sets my due date a week later from May 12th 2012 to May 19th 2012, he doesn’t seem overly concerned. I am instantly scared and I tell no one. I think to myself, I have big babies, not small and I know all the dates and times when I could have conceived (yes I do have a little type A personality in me). I already sense this will not be a normal pregnancy something in my soul is speaking to me, I try to push it away but it wont go, living down deep inside, I am scared! I pray dear God please let my baby be OK.

I step out of the office, and call Ron.


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From the Beginning

I often think about Elijah’s story and from the beginning I know it has always been full of ups and downs, twists and turns. I felt as though I might go back and write my way through his story. Feel free to keep following or to stop, I am writing for myself in hopes of healing.

Tuesday September 13, 2011

I wake up early around 6am to go to the bathroom, I am suspicious I may be pregnant because I am a week late, but I have taken pregnancy test after pregnacy test, I am now on # 5 this morning (without a positive result) but I take the test anyways. I set the stick on the sink and go to feed the dog and let him out. I start to head upstairs to lay back down with Ron, it has been a long couple of days Ron’s Nunu isn’t doing very well and we had been in Lansing for a long weekend to see Nunu and family. I then remember the stick in the bathroom I go in and look at it, this time I see a faint second line. I turn on the light and go by the window where the sun is coming up, yes I see the pale line showing up! I have a nervous stomach instantly, it has been 6 years since I’ve been pregnant and I feel nervous, excited, and eleated! I go up to our bed where I climd on Ron. I am stradling him and kiss his face, “honey you are going to be a daddy” I say as I kiss him awake. He smiles and seems a little in shock “It better be a boy” he states. I say “it is a boy, I know it, he better be healthy and happy”. Ron rolls me over and we stay laying together, me tucked into his side. We both are in silent contemplation, realizing our lives are about to change for the better. Ron is holding me and I can feel him breath, feel his heart and I feel safe and loved. The kids start rumbling about downstairs and I am up and kiss Ron and go to do breakfast, comb hair, pack lunches, and backpacks.

I am in the kitchen working on lunches when Ron comes in with red eyes, I think for just a moment “what is wrong?” I realize Nunu has passed. Ron said “My Nunu died this morning that was my mom, he went peacefully and even kissed my Nana before he let go, mom was there.” I hug Ron and think, how can we go from getting such wonderful exciting news to such sad news in 10 minutes? I then think, I know this baby is a boy for sure now and he will be guided by his great Nunu. I hold Ron as he cries and Ryan comes in and sees Ron crying and she hugs his legs with sorrow for Ronnie hurting. Ron and I are now in private and he states “he doesn’t want to tell anyone we are going to have a baby until later so everyone can celebrate his Nunu’s life and mourn properly”, I say “ok”.

It is hard in the Celentino family to hide pregnancy because everyone sees everything. This is a group of 4 older sisters and 2 younger brothers, and all are extremly intelligent, highly educated, very intuitive people. I am going to have to be very good to keep this a secret. The party starts and we don’t just mourn and grieve the loss of our “head of the board” we also celebrate an amazing long life. We have a get together at Suzie’s and their are great memory’s being shared, pictures being passed, as well as wine and shots. Which in this family only makes sense because Nunu was the long time owner of a local restraunt and bar. I keep turning down the, wine, and shots as they pass by me, everyone is asking “why isn’t Tera drinking?” I just say “I have to drive back to Royal Oak and so, no I can’t have any”. We are dancing to “we are family” and singing. Kavi turns and whispers in my ear “no even a sip?” I respond “No” she says “your pregnant” I say “yes, but it is not the right time to tell” she understands.

We have Nunu’s funeral the next day and are surrounded by our amazing family and friends and still keep our precious little secrect between us (also now Kavi 🙂


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Help needed

Hi everyone I am writing this email to gain support for another little warrior. Reed Anderson was born at 25 weeks gestation and has been in the hospital since. He has been a true warrior fighting daily to gain weight so he can go home with his parents. Reed is up to over 4lbs now, but is currently having a set back with stomach issues. If everyone could lift little Reed up in prayer, our family would greatly appreciating helping another little fighter in their war.

We were back to reality this weekend, having the girls dance recital yesterday, and then having dinner out with my parents, Wendy and Alex. We went to church today and we were able to thank many of our prayer warriors in person. Tears were shed, hugs handed out freely, love was felt. My mom packed up all Elijah’s unworn clothing for me to take back and I finally unpacked many hospital bags. We had a cookout with our best friends in Royal Oak and watched the 9 combined kids jump on the trampoline, play basketball, barbies, and EAT!! We were able to laugh and not have over whelming grief. As I write this and say how life is getting back to normal I can’t help but feel guilt. I am not sure if this is a normal result of loss but, I feel guilty that life moves on so fast, that I should have done something different, that I smiled and laughed when only last Sunday our baby was still here and I was kissing him, singing, and talking to my little man. I know it sounds ridiculous that I say I feel guilt, but I do, and I know one day I wont.

Here are some pictures from the Dancers!!!!



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The Dream

So after the funeral Ronnie and I went back to my parents and spent the night, I haven’t slept more than 4 hours since Elijah has been born. My mind races, I am in constant prayer and or reflection, it just can’t let go. I feel sadness, I feel grief, I feel hope, and I feel guilt. This night I finally am able to rest I have maybe more closeure having just had the funeral.

I am praying in my head and all of the sudden I am back in the hospital with Ronnie. I am in the “Bullpin” I am running through looking for Elijah I can feel him, I know he is here. I pull back a curtain and here is my perfect baby. He has no tubes hooked to him, he is just laying in the crib, kicking his feet and smiling up at me, he knows who I am. He has a white gown I bought for his baptism on. He has dark brown hair, brown eyes, chubby little cheeks, his lips are full and beautiful. I pick him up and hold him to my chest hugging him so tight, Iam telling him I love him and I don’t understand how he is healed, but crying that he is, I am telling Ron he is healed look at him he is perfect, Thank god, It was a nightmare he was never sick he is perfect, Thank god. I wake up so happy, filled with so much peace and joy I can hardly contain myself, I turn to tell Ron that Elijah is not sick he is healed and it was just a bad dream. Reality hits as I am turning to wake Ron up it was all a dream, I have the most crushing feeling in my chest. I reach out and hold Ron and cry myself back to sleep.

I wake up and wonder if my dream was God telling me Elijah is perfect now and he does know who I am that he is waiting for me to hold him.


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The Funeral

Hi everyone, what great friends and family we have! The out pouring of support, condolences, emotions, messages, and gifts has been truly amazing. To my sister, you gave us the opportunity to mourn and not have to think about the little things. You stepped in when I needed you most and used your gift of listening to me perfectly to create something that was “perfect” for me. To Alex you also took the pressure off of me and handled the details with perfect execution and maybe some pressure from Wendy. To Shannon you stepped up and took pressure off myself and helped Wendy to put Eli to rest with beautiful dignity. You gave us time to cry and build strength.

The Funeral was perfect. What is perfect for a funeral? The perfect funeral  in my eyes sums up what a persons life was like, their accomplishments, and the hope of a beautiful future. Elijah’s funeral encompasses all of this. It was held in a little chapel that sits between  two stunning golf courses, a water fall sits out in front and the chapel is filled with light. Stunning black and white photos of Elijah sit at the alter surrounded by lilac bushes of lavender and white. A memory box sits on the alter as well  with Elijah’s ashes next to it and a bouquet of roses and hydrangea. 26 of our closest family members sit in tears as they hold a picture of Eli and the Brave little soul poem. Paul our pastor reads from David and Psalms. Paul pulls passages from the blog to explain about Elijah being  named, he talks about Elijah’s strength and fight for life, he talks about our loss and grief, Paul describes what Elijah was brought to earth to accomplish by bring people together in compassion and love! Dan and Kristen who sang over Eli while he took his final breath in his earthly body, sing live the beautiful Music “Son of God” and “Trust”. Ryan Mae sings out loud with the music and I sway and feel all the emotions build inside from my time of kissing Elijah’s little body and singing these very words in Eli’s ear as he lay fighting for his life. I read the brave little soul poem for everyone, I look at the family while the kids sit crying for their baby brother and the other family members fight to hold in their tears for me. Paul closes in prayer and I hold Ron’s hand and tell everyone we will walk the kids over to lunch. The doors of the chapel open and the brightest sun ray is beaming through the door I feel the light and warmth on my face. It is Elijah I know it, he is happy and being held in gods arms.  Lexi is holding her daddy’s hand and Ryan has mine, Lexi looks at her dad and says “I cried so much dad that I am thirsty”, then she runs ahead with all the other kids. We walk and the kids laugh and skip down the street we are blessed. We arrive to a beautiful lunch on the veranda of the golf course where we are overlooking a wedding garden, the 18th hole and lake Eagle Eye. The food is amazing and we have little fairy gardens in the middle of every table for people to take home and everyone got a large lilac bush to plant in their yard “Eli’s bush”. It is perfect.


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Here I am

As I write today I am writing only for myself, and how I am feeling. I sit alone, truly alone, no one in the house, no kids, no dog, no husband, no baby growing in me. I am scared, I am afraid no one will treat me like myself again, they will forget about my loving spirit, forget my laughter, forget me dancing all over the place, forget my chitter chatter, forget my silly ways or forget just having a glass of wine with me. I know I mourn for my baby, and I may cry, but this does not define me. I want everyone to know, I am ok to talk to you, I can talk about Elijah’s life, I can talk about his death, I don’t have to talk about him with you at all if your not comfortable, but I am Tera and I am the same person, mother, sister, and friend I have always been. Yes I did have something wonderful and sad happen to me but it is still me , it does not define me. I can be strong, I can be weak, I can be whatever you lead with. I don’t want to be left alone by family and friends as I have always turned to and needed you in the past, it is the same now. I want to share, if you want to hear. I can write, you can read, I can talk, you can listen, and vice versa.  I appreciate you all and love you, and wanted you to know I am here. Some of you may be mourning Elijah and I am here I can share and I will listen.



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Elijah Thomas Farhat Obituary

Elijah Thomas Farhat (Eli, or E)   Image

Elijah Thomas was taken from his family on April 30, 2012 after only 12 short days of life. Elijah suffered from a congenital heart disease, Hypoplastic Right Heart Syndrome.  Due to many complications after procedures and surgery to help heal Eli’s broken heart, our baby boy died in the comfort of his parents arms. Elijah is survived by his loving parents Ronald and Tera (Parry) Farhat, brother Carter Vandlen, sisters Lexi Farhat, Paige and Ryan Mae Vandlen, grandparents Ronald and Patricia Farhat and Terry and Charlene Parry; great grandmothers Joyce Celentino and Ruth Helen Parry; uncles and aunts Chris and Cherri Farhat, cousin Christopher;  Alex and Wendy Coss, cousins Alexis, Tyler, Jacob and Anna; Matthew and Christie Parry, cousins Zach, Abby, Gavin, and Max; . Elijah was preceded in death by his sister Madison Farhat and we can only hope the babies are together in heaven. A private funeral is being held Thursday, May 3rd for the immediate family only.  The family is asking that donations be made in Elijah’s name to the Whole Heart Foundation, (, at 7025 CR 46a Suite 1071 #116, Lake Mary, FL 32746, or to Ronald McDonald House Charities, 1600 Washington Heights, Ann Arbor, MI  48104. The Farhat family would love to give a special thank you to the Medical Staff at CS Mott Children’s Hospital for their spectacular care of Elijah and the love they showed to our family. You were Eli’s Angels. Also, thank you to everyone who followed Elijah’s story at Your prayers, thoughts and hopes were not only felt by Ron and me, but also by Eli. “God created everything through him, and nothing was created except through him. The world gave life to everything that was created, and his life brought life to everyone. The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness can never extinguish it”– John 1 3-5. Elijah’s light will shine forever.


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