Another sick baby

So during the pregnancy and worry about Elijah we had another diagnosis and scare happening as well. Paige my 8 year, red head, who is the sweetest, most kind little girl was also struggling with health. Paige was my other true Preemie, she was born at 35 weeks gestation just like Elijah. It was an emergency c-section with Paige because of what is called a window in my Uterus. If the window breaks open it causes death to the mother and baby. I presented in severe pain and had no time for steroids, so our girl was delivered. When Doctor Maser pulled her out of my belly he said, “It’s a boy with bright red hair”. I was in shock when this was announced because I had always wanted a red head I use to say this all the time while growing up. The other part of the shock was I had a beautiful little girl nursery decorated at our new home, as well as a closet filled with beautiful girl clothing. I started to panic on the operating table when Mike bent over and said Doctor Maser was only kidding. The baby was a girl, but he wasn’t kidding about the red hair. Our Paige Marie was born and big for being 35 weeks along weighting in at 6lbs 5oz, and was 21 inches long, “HOLY COW!!!” After the initial stats of Paige she was whisked away and Mike followed her while I was taken to recovery. Hours later, after many questions, to my mom, and nurses about how the baby was I found out Paige was struggling to breath. She had fluid on her lungs as well as immature lungs do to her early arrival. I was so scarred this was truly the worst thing that had ever happened in my perfect trial free life. I cried and still had not held my baby, someone finally wheeled me into the room where Paige was in a breathing tent getting oxygen, while the pediatrician looked her over. I delivered Paige at night so this was now around 1am. The doctor told us they may have to transport Paige to Sparrow where they were more equipped to take care of preemies that are ill. I was taken by wheel chair to my room where I threw up through the night and cried the prayer that you all know I pray “When I am afraid I will trust” I prayed this all night not sleeping a wink. I even attempted to wheel myself back to Paige as Mike slept on the cot next to my bed. I was caught by the nurse who did take me around 4 am to see Paige again. She was heaving for air to enter her lungs and I could see how hard she was working. After being taken back to my bed, morning came and with morning came doctors, they told Paige indeed was being moved but I had to stay for release. Heartbreaking again for me. Paige went by ambulance to Sparrow Mike following behind, I was alone and scared. Mike would stay with Paige all day then come and sleep next to me at Ingham. Before Paige left a lot of scary things were explained and I had to sing papers for treatment since I wasn’t going to be with her. The doctors explained that these procedures would most likely never have to happen but they wanted to be prepared just encase. Guess what, in the middle of the first night the phone in my hospital room rang and we were told Paige was unstable and they had to but in a chest tube, and put her on a ventilator. Mike immediately went to Sparrow but I was left by myself again, scared that I was losing my baby girl. Morning came and with it came a call saying Paige was stable. When Dr Maser came for morning rounds I begged to leave and see my baby, he said that if my blood counts were OK he would discharge me. Later that day I was discharged and made to see my little buttercup baby. I was wheeled next to the issolete where Paige lay, I bent down and just started singing “why do you build me up, buttercup baby, just to let me down and mess me around and worst of all you never call baby when you say you will, but I love you still, I need you, more than anyone darling, more than I have from the start, build me up buttercup don’t break my heart”. From that moment on Paige started getting better, she just needed her mommy. 2 weeks later she was released from the Hospital.

Fast forward a few months later Paige has weird lumps all over her leg, I ask the doctor what these are and I am dismissed. But I know they are growing and she has more I stay on the doctor and finally get a referral to a dermatologist to have them looked at, after a biopsy we found out Paige has a strange disorder in which she grows hemangiomas through her sweat glands, 3 surgeries, 6 MRI’s and countless appointments later we seem to have gotten this under control.

Since September of 2011 Paige was losing weight at a very fast rate. She was not feeling good, and having constant stomach pain. Paige had lost all energy, and could not play with friends, and would hardly get off the coach.I took her into the doctor where we saw she was down to the 7th percentile for her weight and everyone was worried. We started to test and do a lot of them, from blood work to fecal test you name she had the test. It was not until December that she was finally diagnosed with severe Crohn’s Disease. It is a daily struggle for her to eat right and take her medicine, but she is on the mend.

It is awesome to see a 8 year old face such a difficult situation with such grace. She is faced with kids at school eating all the food she loves and not being able to participate. Or to see when she doesn’t have the same energy as other children because her body doesn’t/can’t absorb nutrients. She still is happy and filled with joy and thankful for her little life and family, she prays every night for a cure to Crohn’s Disease. I love my buttercup baby.


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2 responses to “Another sick baby

  1. Sandee Kingsley

    I didn’t realize all that you went through with Paige. I’m glad she is now a healthy red head! Keep praying Paige, medicine advances every day!

  2. Sherrie Nunheimer

    She is so sweet. Our family has a lot of red hair so I too love it! I’m glad they figured out what was going on with her. If she is half as tough as you, Tera, she will be fine.

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