The results

After 48 hours of waiting for the phone call from our genetic counselor Julie, I was on edge. I couldn’t walk away from my phone for fear I would miss the call with the results we had been waiting for. My phone would ring and I would run to it, heart racing and would be disappointed every time it wasn’t from Julie. I was busy telling myself I would wait another 24 hours until I would call, I didn’t want to bother her or seem like the stalker I was. 24 hours past and still nothing I bit the bullet and called, Julie was out of the office, AGHHH “are you kidding me!” I waited another 24 hours and called, this time I was transferred to Julie but she did not pick up, I left a message “Julie this is Tera Farhat, I am wondering if we got the results back yet. Please call and let me know.”. It was three and I was so anxious it was hard to work. I drove home and paced around the living room doing little chores but not wanting to turn on the vacum in case I wouldn’t be able to hear the phone. The phone started to ring, it was a 248 area code….Detroit area…Beaumont!

I remember holding my breath when I picked up the phone, “Hello”, “Hello Tera, this is Julie returning your call, do you have some questions?”, “Hi, do you have the results?” “I called two days ago and left them on your voice mail”, “what! I never got your call, I didn’t leave my phone and I didn’t have a voice mail.” Julie stated the number she called back and it was one digit off of mine, NO WONDER!!!!. “Julie tell me, what are the results!?” “No chromosomal problems, the baby is PERFECT chromosomally!!!” I am instantly sobbing, and saying “Thank you God, thank you” Julie is asking if I’m OK I just state “I am so happy, and relieved!” Julie then says”you didn’t ask the question everyone asks next” I say “I have no idea what to ask I am so thankful for this news” Julie says, “Do you want to know the sex of the baby?” I say “I already know, it’s a girl” Julie said “If I were you I wouldn’t buy any Pink then” I am confused what is she talking about I don’t say anything Julie then says “Tera the baby is a Chromosomal perfect BOY!” I am crying even harder God is so good!!! I tell Julie “Thank You Julie, I need to call Ron” I hang up after saying good bye.

I am crying out loud obnoxious sobs and can’t stop I am pacing back and fourth as I dial Ron, he picks up on the first ring because he has been waiting as well. He hears me crying “oh Tera are you OK, tell me?” I can’t speak, Ron says “Tera please, what?”, I croak it out “The baby is perfect chromosomally!” Ron is confused “why are you crying then?” “because I am so happy, and because the baby is a BOY!” Ron is silent for awhile, then I can hear it in his voice he understands, we are having a chromosomally perfect baby boy! “Are you kidding” he says. “No” I say. I swear I could hear the smile move onto his face. “I love you so much” I say, “I love you too babe” he says. We chit chat a little longer about Julie knowing two days ago and calling the wrong number, and I say I bet God was laughing watching me behave how I have. We hang up and I call my mom, Pat, Wendy, and Cherri, we all cry together and are relieved. I write an email to all the family and friends. Here is the copy of the email I sent out to everyone.

Well this is the news we have been waiting for. The CVS results came back and the baby has no chromosomal malformations their words were “the baby is perfect chromosomal wise!”. This is only the quick test, we still have to wait a full week for all results. Not sure what to say right now except I am rejoicing in Gods gift and love. We are not out of the woods and will now be undergoing many tests on the baby’s Heart, Kidney’s, and Skeleton. I will be having Bi weekly Ultrasounds to check on the Cystic Hygroma and well as the development of our precious baby. At 16 weeks I will have an Ultrasound where they do an Eco-cardiogram of the baby’s heart.

I would like to say thank you to all of our friends and family for your kind words, support and prayer and still ask to keep it coming. I am still praying for healing and health of this amazing baby.  One more small note the baby is a BOY!!!! Prior tests were wrong. Again God is good.

Tera and Ronnie

After I wrote this and sat down by myself, I remember thinking, now for the heart defect. I felt like I knew our baby boy had a heart defect but thought, it can be fixed and all will be good. I of course didn’t know yet, it was just that voice in my head preparing me, for the next trial.

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  1. Holly Corr

    Tearing up reading today. I look forward to every update…but it is bittersweet as I already know how it ends. But then, I was thinking, really “the end” is a relative term. Because you, your husband and your kids are still going and carrying Eli’s life with you. So, never really “the end” because as we say in our church and in our Bible, with our God, death is not “the end.”

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