The test

Back to the story. To remind you, we left off with the threatened miscarriage, and the doctors saying I had to wait a week to test for any chromosomal disorders.

In this week I tried to push fear out of my mind, which was not easy for myself. I prayed all the time that god would know my heart and know what I could handle. I thought about raising a baby with a disability while being the mom to four other children and working. I asked if God would give the strength to handle this if it were the case. I asked for the weight on my heart to be eased. I asked to listen to Ron’s heart, I asked for God’s will, I asked for God’s favor. I prayed for strength. I thanked God for the life I had, for my family, for the kids, for Ron, for my friends. You name it I thanked god for it, for my job, our house, my health, the trees, our dog, the birds, the sun, and the rain. I had a busy week of praying and little sleep.

The morning of the test and Ron took off work to go with me. The night before the appointment Ron went to basketball and came home hardly being able to walk. He limped into the house with a very swollen ankle, just our luck. Since he took off and the appointment wasn’t until 11am we took the kids to school and you guessed it went back in the the emergency room. After a couple hours, x-rays, exams on Ron, and for myself more puke and morning sickness we were off to the other part of the hospital. One of us walking, and one of us on crutches with a severely sprained ankle. When we walked in for the appointment my stomach was filled with butterflies. We were again placed it the little dark room with a TV on the wall. Ron was given a chair to put his foot up on and I was asked to change into a hospital gown and climb on the ultrasound table. The ultrasound technician scanned my belly and there she was our girl with her heart beating and moving all over. Ron again asking “can you tell the sex”, the technician  answering him “not yet”. The doctor came in and took a very large needle and put it into my placenta to take tissue to be tested. It was very uncomfortable and I remember being able to see the process on the TV screen on the wall and feeling just a hard pinching feeling that I couldn’t squirm away from. I also remember praying please let our baby be OK please God. Finally the test was done, and we were told we should get the early results in 2-4 days depending on how the culture grew.

Just what I always love to hear more waiting.

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