Boy or Girl???

As I have stated in the past Ron wants a baby boy so bad after already having the perfect little strong girl (Lexi), also he is so out number by girls in the house. Ron, Carter and Izzo (the dog, who can’t talk no matter how hard he tries) stand alone against myself, Lexi, Paige, and Ryan. They are out numbered to the max, this is a house of strong females who fight for themselves and don’t let things go, we are emotional, we cry, we fight, we argue, we fight for our right for expression, we sing, we dance, and we shop! I have the typical talk with Ron about “what if the baby is a girl?” he says in response “I will accept it and love her, I just might mourn for a little while” I laugh and say a little prayer to myself “please let the baby be a little boy who is happy and healthy”. Though I feel I know the baby is a boy, in my heart.

I have heard about many claims of tests out there that will tell the baby’s gender early. I researched many but do not find any that seem accurate, or make much scientific sense. Finally my cousin Shannon points me in the direction of one that is quite expensive but does have a good accuracy rate, and makes sense scientifically, plus there is a money back guarantee. This test is a blood test that the mom takes between 9 and 12 weeks gestation and it looks for Y chromosomes in the blood.  Also if you know me well you know I hate surprises, I love to be prepared. I use to sneak into all my birthday presents and became an expert at being a snoop for any surprises that happened in our house or anyone else. My brother taught me tricks at a very young age on how to master the unwrap and re wrap of presents, or where to look for hiding spots. To wait one more or even eight more weeks to find out the gender of our baby was killing me so I sent away for the test, over night shipping of course.

It was the middle of October and Paige happened to be home sick from school, while we were still discovering what was wrong with our little red head, the test came in the mail. I opened the test read the directions and started it. It took so much blood I had to keep poking my fingers over and over to get enough blood, finally I was done and Paige kept asking me “mommy why are you making yourself bleed all over”, I just laughed and said because “I have no patience Paigie”. We went to the post office and sent the test in, now only 48 hours until we find out!!!!

2 days later actually 53 hours later at 9pm I checked my email (I opted for the email verion so the results would come faster) and I read….It’s a GIRL!!!!!  OMG I am reading this out loud and it hit my brain seconds before I spoke the words to Ron…”it’s a GIRL” Silence. All I can say is “Sorry honey” I want to cry because I am still happy we are having a girl baby. I get up off the couch and go upstairs where I call Wendy, Mom, and Pat and tell them. The baby is a girl and her name will be Veronica Jo (Ronnie) they are all happy for me. I am feeling upset by this point that Ron is not happy. He comes up to bed after 2 hours and lays next to me where I can’t look at him let alone speak to him. He says “I just needed a minute to digest” still I am silent he says I guess I make girls. Still nothing from me except tears are streaming down my face. He says “Tera why are you crying?” I think really he is asking me this???? I finally say through a cracking voice because” God gave us a girl and you don’t love her, all you should care about is a healthy baby” Ron says “I don’t care the sex Tera I do love this baby boy or girl and pray for it’s health all the time” He is now hugging and comforting me and I realize I was just scared he wasn’t going to love her for being a girl and that was just ridiculous. Ron has a heart that not many see and he puts on a big front but he is one of the most careful, sensitive, loving men I have ever witnessed and I feel safe in his arms he holding me. I say “I named her already” and he said “what did you name her” and I say “after both of her parents  Veronica Jo nick name Ronnie” I know this is the perfect name for our baby girl.

We fall asleep together and dream of a baby boy, with dark hair.

Tell Me Pink or Blue?
Dear Tera Farhat,Congratulations!

Based on our Pink or Blue® test results, we are pleased to inform you that you’ll be having a baby …


We would like to thank you for using our Pink or Blue® Early Gender Test and hope this experience has brought you joy. Every Pink or Blue® DNA Test result carries a 95% accuracy rate and a money-back guarantee. If you have any additional questions or comments, please feel free to contact us.


Customer Care Center

Consumer Genetics, Inc.
Toll Free: 1-866-694-2878
International: 1-408-734-2229
Fax: 1-408-734-2221


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3 responses to “Boy or Girl???

  1. Sandee Kingsley

    I hope you got your money back! Keep writing Tera, I love to read Elijah’s storie.

  2. Sherrie Nunheimer

    So much for science huh? Science tries to show up God all the time. It’s funny how we anticipate how someone else is going to react to news and get all worked up and then they surprise us. We gain nothing by worrying and yet I like you am great at it! I am enjoying reading your Elijah stories Tera. You really should get them published someday. I am sure they would help someone going through what you are. Love you

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