So the story I told last night happened again, minus the tongue.

When I woke up to pump at 3:00am I called to check on Eli. Tiffany said he was doing well they were pulling 15 cc’s of fluid (3 teaspoons and hour) things looked good….1 step forward. However the Dialysis machine was beginning to clot again, they were going to try to get to 7:00am and then replace the machine,( this means the conflicting Medicine that is hard on Elijah’s heart) but at 7:00am the change had to happen…. 2 steps back.

I couldn’t believe this, it had only been 12 hours this time. Again I prayed from 3am until 6am when Ron and I came back to the hospital to be with E. I prayed “Jesus I trust you, is this what has to happen, please comfort Elijah, we are at your mercy, I love you and thank you for all that you have given me, I’m not afraid, I trust you, please do what is best for my son, I love you, I love him, is he going to get better, please don’t let this brave little fighter suffer, he will fight it is how he was made, let him know it’s ok to stop, only you know, you are in control, I trust.” Prayer like this happened for three hours.

We got here and he did it again without even waking up this time. All I can say is this little boy just wont stop!!! His heart rate stayed good, he responded instantly to the blood pressure medicine. Each time we have switched the machine he has done it easier, or we have all gotten better about how to take care of Eli and what he likes, and can withstand.One of the doctors even commented on how on top of everything I am. Knowing his medicine, the rates he gets it, the order we did it yesterday, how he responds, she said I was on top of everything.

I wonder how is Elijah doing this? I am in awe! I want him to be at peace with whatever is good for him. He truly is a brave little soul, he is a braver soul than me!

Elijah with his comfy caterpillar, and new bracelet (it finally says his name).



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13 responses to “Replay

  1. Kim Mannaioni

    What a trooper! I continue prayers for all of you throughout each day. Your strength and faith in Him are an inspiration! Please know you have an army of people praying for Elijah and your family.
    Much Love~Miss Kim :0)

  2. Karin

    What an amazing little man! I admire you and Ron’s strength and trust in God! What a great thing to read first thing in the morning! 🙂

  3. Sherrie Nunheimer

    He is certainly a strong baby boy! Just wanted you to know that our Pastor prayed for Eli during the church service today. I had lots of people ask me about him so they are praying too. One friend is a physical therapist and works with children who have the same heart issue Eli has. She said to tell you to hang in there. Many of the kids she works with were as sick as Eli and are now doing wonderful. So know that many prayers from my church are being said for you all today! Hugs. Sherrie and Dale

  4. Heather Lubben

    Continued prayers and strenght for Elijah. He has an amazing support team surrounding him. Each being chosen to be the hands and feet of God.

  5. Elis sister Lex

    I am so ever happy for him

  6. stacy king estes

    We love you Elijah. Keep it up. I have started a prayer chain at my church Faith Weslyn. A lot more people praying for you.

  7. Keep it up little E, you are not alone. We love you!

  8. Jill Vandlen

    We haven’t stopped praying for Elijah and family. Asking God to show His mercy.

  9. Shannon (Unruh) Vlasic

    Tera! My goodness, you are so strong. I’ve been following this blog for a couple of days now and praying for Elijah (and you!) every night. I pray that God will guide you and keep his arms around you every second of this, and that some day it will only be a memory you recall while watching him play in the sandbox, or get on the school bus for the first time. God is good, and his miracles are many. He is working. I’m adding the Farhat family to the prayer chain at my church (Okemos Community Church.) I’d give you all of my strength if I could, but instead, I give you the biggest virtual hug I can manage, and all of my prayers for a speedy recovery for your sweet boy. He is beautiful!

  10. Sam and Amy Celentino

    We’re still her praying for all of you!!!
    You are all so brave and have earned so much respect from all of us for your courage. Eli is so lucky to have such a beautiful family to help him!!

  11. Miranda Morris

    The Morris family is praying for baby elijah and family.You are an amazing strong family. I’ve also put your son and family on my prayer list at church.Trinity United Methodist. God bless you and your wonderful baby boy.

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