Elijah keeps us on our toes

So after I posted this morning Eli gave us another scare. Well I shouldn’t blame E for this one but either way it was frightening.

Elijah’s Dialysis machine had to have a filter change meaning it was catching clots from Elijah. So to do this they have to give E a medication that makes him drop his blood pressure to extreme lows, and then counter act this with other medicines. This was all done after E had to be shocked this morning. Dr Christensen is here with us again and told Ron and I that E might not make it through this. His heart is just to week. We had an hour with Elijah before this change over happened. My parents had just walked in so to come into this situation was scary and they were sent right out to the waiting room. Ron and I both held one of Elijah’s hand, I rubbed his tiny hand and he was wide awake looking at us. What is he thinking? Does he know? Is he scared? Both Ron and I laid our heads next to him and told him (without even knowing what the other parent said at the time) Eli if you can’t do it we understand, we love you and understand if you can’t fight anymore, if your to tired we know, we are so proud of you, we love you, it’s ok to let go.

They started the change Ron held his hand I rubbed his head. I lay my head next to Elijah’s. I close my eyes and I pray “This is your will not mine I trust you to do what Eli needs” over and over and over. The song “Trust” by Matt Hammitt is on replay in the back ground. Eli turns bright red they push meds, 20 minutes later it’s over. Elijah did it, not only did he do it, but he did it easier than he had done yesterday. Too top it off he stayed awake the whole time and had his eyes open and when Dr Christensen came to say he did it, Eli made it through Elijah stuck his tongue out right on cue. We all laughed it was AWESOME!!!!!



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24 responses to “Elijah keeps us on our toes

  1. Elis sister Lex

    This is to sad too even believe is it true?!

  2. Sarah

    What a sweet, strong, boy! I

  3. Toni Newton

    Tera, I work with Ron and have been following your updates and praying for Eli and your whole family. My family and friends are praying for you all too. You and Ron have one amazing little boy there. Such a handsome little fighter! I can’t even begin to know what you are going through, but I am praying that God gives you and Ron the strength you need to get through all of this and to be strong for sweet baby Eli.

  4. Suzanne Fisher

    My heart breaks when I read that you say, “It’s ok, Elijah, if you are too tired”. You are truly children of God and I admire your strength, faith, and trust in our Lord. Elijah is one tough little dude. Can’t wait to see pictures when he’s out of the hospital and in aunt Cherri’s arms (I’m a friend of Cherri’s)! Prayers continue……….

  5. Colleen

    That update had me in tears. Praying for you throughout this time

  6. Megan

    I do not know you but found your blog through Facebook. You are truely amazing and I am praying for you all. Keep the faith.

  7. Temma Severino

    Keep fighting Elijah!! You are a strong little man and have so many people that want you healthy. Hugs and prayers for you and your family.

  8. Wendy norton Adams

    I have kept a close eye on the blog to see how baby E is doing and I have to say that seeing his eyes open is wonderful! I’m so happy he is fighting and showing his powers to overcome.

  9. Cousin Kristyn

    Yay baby Eli you are a true champ!! Hang in there little buddy!!! Everybody’s rooting for you and continuously praying for you!!! I can’t wait to meet you when you go home with mommy and daddy!!! xoxo

  10. Meredith

    Tera and Ron,
    I dont know how you are doing it. But you are both so strong. I know you have to be for your baby boy. I just keep checking your messages to get updates on E and as I read the tears just stream down. He is just an amazing little fighter!! We keep praying for all of you and especially your little man. Love you.
    Meredith and Family

  11. Torie Rose

    Hang in there little man! You have God on your side. You can do this! 🙂

  12. Vicki Schroeder

    I Like soooo many others are willing this strong brave little man on go Elijah go!!!! I feel so much love here it is truly amazing!!!!

  13. Thinking of Elijah, sending prayers, good thoughts, positive vibes… Sending everything I can think of, I’m sorry the family has to experience this challenge but I am inspired by the courage, strength and love that this has created. Elijah truly is here for a reason, and one that we can see and feel right this very moment.

  14. Sherrie Nunheimer

    It is amazing what God and Eli can do!! Sounds like besides being strong he has a sense of humor. I know God is giving you all your strength but I just want you to know that I’m not sure I would have it in your situation. You and Ron have been fantastic with your little man. Please know we are praying for you all and will ask prayer at Church this morning. Love you!
    Sherrie & Dale

  15. Terrie Benge

    Good Morning. I’m so happy to see another day with the fighter. Maybe Ron was right, he should be called Rocky, he is such a fighter. My prayer’s are with you as alway’s. Your strength is an inspiration to all. Love, Terrie.

  16. Way to go E. And thank you Lord for all You do!

  17. stacy king estes

    Way to go Elijah! Hang on there little man. You are strong!

  18. To Elijah and family;
    My name is Kim and I am a neighbor of Uncle Matt and Aunt Christie. For years they have heard my miracle stories of E.C.M.O. and what it has done for us. My son Alex was born a few weeks early and his lungs were not working properly so he too went on ECMO! We had no idea what it was, and Alex was given a very slim survival rate as well. We knew we had no choice, so Alex was taken from Sparrow in Lansing to UofM by helicopter where they too gave all the scary stats, llived hour by hour, stayed at the ronald mcdonald house, stood over a bedside with amazing staff while they worked around the clock, wishing every moment for over 2 weeks that I could hold my new baby, and only hoping that I would be able to take my baby home. I can see reading the stories, little man you are going through so much….although we may not have had your additional heart “issues” our family truly understands what you and your family is going through. Please know that our entire family and baby “Alex Dale” now 12 years old are thinking of you. Your fight for survilval literally rips my heart out…..Keep Fighting……Thank God for ECMO!!!!!!!

    Fellow Mott Parent and mom of ECMO baby,
    Kim Dale Bath, MI

  19. marin

    What an incredible boy!!! Hang in there Elijah!

  20. Jeri Kay

    This post brought tears to my eyes – both sad and happy – Eli is definitely a true fighter – hang in there little buddy you have a whole bunch of people praying for you!

  21. Lori Gray

    God answer prayers. My prayer is to keep the strength in you and Eli. So nice to hear the good news through prayers. You are blessed!

  22. I am your cousin Kathy. I am sorry! I will pray and pray for E. You are much stronger than I could ever be. God Bless you all and hold your hands..
    Love you
    Kathy Mccort

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