Baby balloon boy

I wish I could give you more information but we don’t have a lot. Elijah is very stubborn, and knows what he likes and what he will tolerate or not. He teaches us lessons everyday about  not being pushed to hard or he will retaliate. With this being said we have let him lead us both yesterday and today. He proved to us early yesterday that he was not going to let us pull extra fluid from his body, he likes it. So the doctors and nurses let him keep what he had but did not let him add anymore yesterday. Before bed last night the staff started puling just 5cc’s off of him over an hour at a time (this is equivalent to 1 teaspoon an hour). they did this until about 3 am then Tiff upped his out take to 10cc’s an hour (2 teaspoons) and we are going to stay here for today, Eli is accepting this change. He is using his heart on his own even on Ecmo but just enough to let us know he is still here. He has started to have a Arrhythmia, Because of this the staff decided this morning to shock his heart, to get it back to a set pace. Thank God it worked, they also added a new medicine to control the Arrhythmia. He is being weened off his blood pressure medicine, and handling this ok.  Elijah has a very sick heart.

Baby Elijah is still opening his eyes and moving, this is good. As his parents it brings us joy when he looks at us, but also it brings a heavy heart. How is it possible to feel so torn about things, it is sad to see your son wanting you and knowing you and yet I can’t help feeling like I can’t help him. When Ron talked to him this morning Elijah opened his eyes wide and looked right at him, how awesome. I let him know all the time I love him, and how proud I am, how he is so strong and amazing, he is beautiful and he is not just my son, but daddy’s and Gods. I tell him how he is bringing people to him everyday, and about how much he is loved and how everyone is praying across the world. Lexi goes to Catholic school and her entire school prayed together for E this week, I have Dan and Holly from our church Riverview putting the prayer chain in order, we have St Thomas that prayed last week at all their services, we have our friends, and family sending out Eli’s story to everyone, Tom Izzo called me personally and we have Michigan State Basketball team thinking and praying for Eli (thanks Alex), People from Canada, United Kingdom, Jordan, Arab, Australia, Singapore, etc reading about Elijah. We have 15000 hits on the website yesterday and over 5000 followers. This is the one thing I know, God is using Elijah for, to connect us with love and compassion. To bring us closer together and to him. Today make sure everyone hugs their family tighter and lets them know how much you love them and how grateful you are for your life with it’s little hiccups. My friend Mary Jo commented on an old picture of my beautiful children from a family trip to Grand Haven and it made me realize even through everything we have been going through how grateful and blessed I am. I love all of my children so much and this message is for them. Carter, Lexi, Paige, Ryan and Elijah when I look at you I see good, I see hope, I see beauty, I see God. I love you Mom.

This is the picture Mary Jo had me look at this morning.


Eli this morning, Tiff made a heart patch for daddy. Thank you Tiff!!! She also gave him back his blankie.



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15 responses to “Baby balloon boy

  1. Elis sister Lex

    Oh wow he did get more chubby! I love you daddy Tera Eli and every one else!

  2. Elis sister Lex

    By the way his heart patch is sooo cute!

  3. Carol Mularz

    I have added Bay City St Mary’s Catholic Church to Eli’s prayer list and will remain there until all is well. Amazing how one little “Sweet Boy” has brought a whole world together in prayer! Eli’s strength and courage is earning a place in Heaven for a whole lot of people! Hugs to you from all of us in Bay City. We love you! Aunt Carol

  4. Vanessa Rivera

    Keep fighting ELijah! You are in the best and loving hands of your parents, doctors, nurses, family and friends! You are an amazing baby!

  5. Shana

    and yet…still such a precious little boy! Keep fighting baby E! You are doing an amazing job (with a heart the size of a grape..holy moly!) and so are you T. I love you and prayers are still coming! ❤ xo

  6. Torie Rose

    Eli is still such a beautiful boy! Words cannot express how happy I am that he is still hanging in there. I’m so inspired by the strength that has for being such a little man and I will continue to pray for him and his family.

  7. Christa Baubie

    I hope and pray your baby grows up to be a strong healthy little guy. He is blessed to have so many already caring for him and it warms mt heart that people from all walks of life can still come together for a common goal. I will pray for you little Eli everyday. You are a strong little boy, take good care of mommy and daddy.

  8. Hey there. I just read your story and I am in tears. Your little man is so sweet and so strong. Your right, his story is a lot like Bowens. I will be checking in and praying for you daily!
    Sarah Hammitt

  9. Barb Currado

    I haven’t been able to read your blog for a few days and I have been so worried about what has been happening. I was much relieved to read that your precious son is still with you. You are both an inspiration to us all and Eli most of all. It is amazing how many people he is bringing together and the number of prayers going up to God. He is truly a brave little soul for bringing us all together in love. Stay strong and my prayers for you all continue everyday :o)
    London, Ontario, Canada

  10. Beth

    I will be praying for Eli, and his family. Prayers coming your way from Grand Ledge, Michigan

  11. Vicki Schroeder

    I am truly amazed by all of you!!! This is just an incredible little man!!! Keep fighting little Eli the world is pulling for you and your family!!

  12. Sherrie Nunheimer

    Praying, Praying, Praying! Wish there was more we could do for you guys! It is so wonderful to hear how stubborn he is. That is a good sign. He is a fighter for sure. Keep God close, your faith and expression of it is fantastic. You guys are wonderful to share your son, family and faith with the rest of us. We love you and you are on our minds all of the time. Blessings, Sherrie & Dale

  13. stacy king estes

    Stay strong elijah. You are loved. Praying your the Farhat family.

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