Post op update

I know you are waiting to hear, Elijah is really struggling to maintain his stats. The doctors and nurses are doing everything  they can to stabilize him but he just keeps slipping. Again no on has stopped moving since he came to the unit, he wont let them. They have called the surgeons back in and are talking about opening Elijah back up. They are worried he may be swelling and collecting with fluid cause pressure to build up without release.

I am feeling week and feel like I can do nothing but pray and tell Elijah how much I love him . I tell him what a strong boy he is and that if he can’t fight anymore I understand. I tell God the same thing to listen to Elijah and his soul and know when my brave little man can fight and when it’s time to stop. I love him, I love him, I’m so scared, just tell me what’s going to happen, I’m so scared.

The nurse just made a comment that as long as Elijah has Everyone’s full attention he behaves, so now that all the doctors are here, he has been ok for a little while. More waiting…Allison is here rubbing my back and telling me I am doing a great job, and it’s ok to ot know what to say and how to feel except I do know I feel like my heart is slowing breaking.


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26 responses to “Post op update

  1. Sherrie Nunheimer

    Oh Tera and Ron I am so sorry to hear this. I am praying hard for you all! Please dont forget God is in control no matter what happens. Your precious baby is God’s child as are you! I am praying! Love you all.
    Sherrie Nunheimer

  2. Lexi's Mom

    Ron, Eli and Tera … May the Holy Spirit be with you and bring you sweet peace by answering all of our prayers.

  3. Crissie

    You don’t know me but I feel like I know you. I watch for your blog everyday for updates. Know that I pray for you and your family. You are a wonderful mother and father being so strong for your little boy! Lots of prayers!

  4. Barb Currado

    I pray that God will hold you all within his loving care over the next few days. And I pray, that if it is his will, Elijah will battle this all the way to coming home with you someday soon, healthy and whole.

  5. Kim

    More prayers going out as I write!

  6. Meredith Snider

    Tera- The Rowans are praying for you and Eli. May God give you strength to make it through this time. We are praying for all of you. We love you.

  7. Sheila Johnson

    I don’t know what to say or do… I just keeping praying. Love you and remember I’m here for you.

  8. Heather Lubben

    Ron and Tera
    Praying that you are enveloped by His Grace and Peace. Elijahs battle is being won from one moment to the next..In this moment I pray for the additional armor that only our God can provide. He is held in the palm of God’s hand..He will never leave Elijah, not for a moment. I pray that you feel Him surrounding you.

    Heather ( Cherri’s past roommate)

  9. Temma Severino

    Be strong and keep the prayers coming. It’s hard to see your child struggling with getting better, but know the doctors at U of M are the best! He is in great hands. Thoughts are with him and your family

  10. Pam

    Praying for little Elijah and family!

  11. Jon and Jody

    Tera, we are all praying for Elijah and you and Ron. We are very proud of you for your love and for your fight. It’s worth it. He is worth it. Love you, cousin.

  12. Elis sister Lex

    I just read this and I hope he can make it through all of this and pretty much my whole class is praying and I just want to see him right now I fell so sad.

  13. Alicia Borrow

    The students and staff of St. John Vianney School are praying for Elijah. May God wrap you and your family in His loving embrace.
    Alicia Borrow

  14. Deb Freeman

    Praying for all of you.

  15. My heart is breaking with yours…don’t know what to say except that I will not cease praying for Elijah, you and Ron. Love you.

  16. Jennifer Malinowski

    You don’t know me, but I’m friends with Melissa Winkel and have been following Elijah’s story on her Facebook posts. Been saying a tons of prayers and sending lots of good wishes for your little boy and your family!

  17. Jen Wieber

    Tera and Ron –
    I look for your updates frequently throughout the day. I am amazed by your strength. Your family is in my prayers.

    Jen (Smith) Wieber – Holt classmate

  18. Tracy and Paul Collins

    Our hearts go out to you all and we will continue to pray.

  19. Sherrie Nunheimer

    Been praying all morning for you all. We had a women’s group here this morning so I asked them to keep Elijah and your whole family in prayer. Showed them his pictures on this web site too. Love you
    Sherrie Nunheimer

  20. Jennifer Clacko

    This is Keith and Bev Schroeders granddaughter. I am praying for your little man. You are all on my heart and in my thoughts constantly. He sounds like a fighter and definitely has a strong family.

    Jennifer Clacko

  21. It can be tough to write about this topic. I think you did an excellent job though! Thanks for this! 418604

  22. Debbie

    My heart is just breaking for you and your family. So many prayers and hugs for all of you. I am pulling that you beautiful little boy comes through this, but, if God has a different plan, then know, that your efforts, your love has been felt by this blessed little boy. He has a great family that loves him so much. May God’s hand touch you to help you through this horrible time in you lives.

    • Nancy Hentsch-Jacobson

      I am Dan Price’s grandmother in law As I read the blog of your son Elijah’s fighting spirit and you and Ron’s love, tears are coming down my cheeks as i pray for you and your new born. God be with you Elijah is destined for great things no matter what the outcome. Nancy Hentsch-Jacobson

      • Thank you for this post! Thank you to Dan and Suzanne for passing the blog to your family. As a grandmother I know you know that a mother will do anything for her child we are trained to defend ferociously, to sacrifice, and to surrender. Thank you again for your post.

  23. Vicki Schroeder

    you are an amazing mother and father with an amazing beautiful baby boy sending prayers god has a plan stay strong what amazing lovefrom people who know you and don’t.
    Vicki Schroeder (Bev and Keith daughter in-law)

  24. We keep you in our prayers and know this is in God’s hands.

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