When we found out we were having a boy we already knew something was wrong with Elijah. This was still amazing news, if you know Ron you know he always wanted to have a boy since he already a perfect little girl “Lexi”. He also wanted to name his son Ronald or Ricco. I had many out loud belly laughs with Ron over this. “Ricco” I said maybe if we had a Hispanic heritage, but not with a Lebanese, English and Italian Heritage. I spent all day looking up family names and their meanings. I knew I loved the name Thomas and Joesph but there was something about Elijah I couldn’t shake. This is my daddy’s middle name. Ever since I was little I loved saying it and when my amazing grandma Parry told me about how she named my dad, I loved the story. My grandpa did not like the name and she wanted it to be my dad’s name so bad, after much discussion with my  grandpa they decided it would be his middle name “Terry Elijah Parry”. I then looked up the meaning of Elijah, I knew the bible stories of the prophet Elijah, but I did not know the meaning. Then the computer pulled up “Elijah, Hebrew boys name meaning My god is Lord” I knew in that moment with all my heart that god had this plan all along starting with the seed in my grandma’s brain and moving to tell me this was what my son was to be named. Never in my life had I felt so strong in knowing gods plan as I did that moment. Ron was gone to the Big ten championship game with Alex and I called and told him I named our baby boy and his name is going to be after all the fathers, Elijah Thomas Farhat. Ron didn’t argue or say anything except “OK” and our son was named. Every time I say his name I am reminded of how I was drawn by god to always know he was in safe hands. Elijah is my dad’s middle name and Thomas is Ron’s dad’s middle name.

Now about Eli this morning. What a great night again, Eli is off all his Epi and they have cut his Dopamine in half. These are both medications to control blood pressure. Eli is doing an amazing job controlling his blood pressure on his own. For having a broken heart it is a strong heart and he knows it. He was peeing so well they took out his catheter and he only is using a diaper, and he pooped!!! Excellent news again the little things that make me happy. He in fact is doing so well they moved surgery again it will be tomorrow morning at 9 am, so we need our prayer teams in full effect for the next 72 hours to pull our miracle boy through this and give us strength.

2 Corinthians 12:9

Each time he said, “My grace is all you need. My power works best in weakness.” So now I am glad to boast about my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ can work through me




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19 responses to “ELIJAH

  1. Sherrie Nunheimer

    God is so good! Such wonderful news! I know the next few days are going to be long and scary but put your faith in God and know he has a plan. It’s hard to always understand but even when we don’t know it’s for good! We will be praying for all of you. You have our love, concern and prayers. Tera, please tell your parents as a grandmother I am praying for them too!
    Love you all, Sherrie Nunheimer.

  2. Not a moment has passed since hearing of Not for one second since your sons birth that you Tera and your family have not been in my thoughts and prayers!!! I have no doubt of all the mommies I know that you are the one that can see this through! Your an amazing woman and mom! You have always been amazing! I will keep Elijah in my prayers always as I will your entire family! All my love to you Tera from one mom to another!!!

    • Suzanne, Thank you so much for your kind words I really appreciate them. It helps to read the comments and know we have so many people who care and are praying for us. These comments and prayers are carrying us and bringing us all together.

  3. Stephanie Joseph

    I have been following little Elijah’s story closely since Jeff posted about him. I just want to tell you so many people who don’t know you are praying for your little boy! I pray God blesses him & gives him all the strength he’s going to need in the coming hours, days, weeks…he is a fighter. God bless you all in this time. 🙂

  4. Elaine/Dic Putnam

    We say a prayer for Elijah and his family after our grace at meals, we pray at our evening prayer, and say a quick petition whenever he creeps into our thoughts during the day. I cannot imagine your stress, but keep the faith!

  5. Elis sister Lex

    I am soo happy I just want to hug him!(can’t)

    • Lexi, Daddy and I just found out that tomorrow we get to hold Eli before his surgery!!! We are so excited, he opens his eyes now, he has almost cried a couple times today, and he has had a lot of wet diapers! Tonight we want you to do face time again with Eli so when you have time call us.
      I love you Tera

  6. Diana Arnold Crum

    We have not seen or really talked to each other since high school, but I want you to know that in so many ways you were always someone I looked up to. You were always so strong and certain, it was admiring. I have been following you since you had announced you were pregnant and were having complications with Eli and my heart goes out to you and your entire family. Not a day has gone by since his birth that I have missed a post, or a blog entry of yours–seeing him fight just like I know his mother would is so amazing. I cant even begin to imagine how you feel, but I know that you only had the possibility of becoming a stronger person than I EVER knew you to be. Your faith, strength and optimism are something that makes you an amazing person and I am CERTAIN an amazing mother!! Stay strong and I send my love and prayers to you all.

    • Thank you Diana, those were really nice words to hear. I have had a lot of time to prepare for this and the one thing I have realized is you can never prepare for what we are going through you just have to have faith and hope. It helps when I get amazing post like your and when I read and see everyone who does care and who are helping us through!

  7. Caryn Trapp

    Prayers to all of you. I was Ron’s babysitter before he started school, so I have many fond memories of his energy and spirit. I definitely think Eli has some of that same energy. Blessings to all of you!
    Caryn Trapp

  8. Temma Severino

    Prayers for Eli and the Farhat family. He is in great hands at U of M! My daughter spent many days in the same unit as an infant. Please keep us updated on his progress

  9. Tamara Bashore-Ber

    Sending you all love and prayers. Elijah is such a beautiful little guy! you are in my thoughts, Tera.

  10. Jeana Parker

    Joel and I will keep your beautiful baby in our thoughts. We have been thinking about him since meeting you both. He looks like a strong little guy!

  11. Jill Vandlen

    We just found out about Elijah tonight. We will keep him and all of you in our thoughts and prayers.

  12. Molly Enbody

    I have read all of your entries but this one has really stuck with me. The meaning of names has always been something that fascinates me. When I first heard Elijah’s name, I assumed you had just taken it from the Bible. To hear about your grandmother first middle naming your father Elijah instantly brought me to tears. I agree that God gave this name to your grandmother to one day be given to her great grandson.
    I am so sorry to hear of your loss and I hope it is comforting to know that God has Elijah in the most special place in his arms. My prayers are now for you and your family to find peace. Praise God that this little miracle was able to touch your lives.
    God bless you all,

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