Enjoying the little things

Good morning everyone! We had another great night Eli has lost over a pound of fluids, and he is still peeing!!!! All his levels are where they need to be, and at 4pm he is getting his MRI. Those are all the steps forward, but like I wrote about in our earlier post we always have a step back as well. Eli’s Kidneys are finally reacting to all he has been through with medicine, and trauma. They are just starting to show an elevated creatinine level. This may mean dialysis in the very near future.

We need to continue to pray for Elijah to have good results from his MRI, that his kidney’s hang in there, that he remains stable with his gases, blood pressure and pulse ox. Pray for the surgeons and medical staff that God will work through their hands to heal our miracle boy.

What I have reflected on for the past day is all the little things that have brought joy to us. Elijah peeing!! Holding the little mans hand, a glimpse at his eyes (I had never seen him with his eyes open and got to see this twice yesterday). Eli’s facial expressions, he was unhappy being moved yesterday and showed it on his face (he almost cried). To everyone else I’m sure you are thinking she was happy when E almost cried? However for us to look at our son who had been paralyzed for 4 days and see him react was amazing. when I feel him respond to me by moving his little toe or foot. When Eli holds daddy’s finger. Today he has clothes on that I bought him, I envisioned him wearing everyday since they were purchased. ( I would run around the house and hold the giraffe hat up and say” isn’t this so sweet?” Ron would say with not much excitment in his voice “yes Honey”).

Eli and Lexi had face time last night and she talked to him and saw him get cleaned up and repositioned. Just so many great moments I am so lucky to have.

I am aching to hold Elijah, a true ache that can’t be explained. It’s like wanting something so bad that it suffocates you. I lay my head next to him and can’t keep my lips off his chubby checks. My heart throbs, the throat tightens, I can’t speak, tears well, then I can’t control it, they come. Thank you God! Elijah is here and breathing life and we feel you holding both of us.

Dr Crowley just came and told us they put Elijah on the surgical board for Friday morning.

It’s a zoo of a morning!



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12 responses to “Enjoying the little things

  1. Sherrie Nunheimer

    Great News!!!! Will keep praying that he keeps doing well, kidneys hang in there and he can have surgery on Friday. Get some rest when you can the rest of this week is going to be busy. Give the little miracle a kiss from me. Blessings, Sherrie Nunheimer

  2. Jamie Buckner

    Thinking of you all! You are in GREAT hands 🙂 My Nephew had heart surgery at UofM and he is doing amazing!!! Your always in my thoughts. Thank-you for the updates of your truely amazing son!!! XO
    The Buckners

  3. Terrie Benge

    My thought’s are with you evry day. Shannon has kept me posted. Know my prayr are with you. Love, Terrie.

  4. Amelia B

    Your posts are amazing Tera, I think of you and Eli daily and I LOVE the cute outfit! Hang in there and keep the posts coming! Hugs to you all!


  5. Holly Corr

    The hat IS sweet! And so are those cheekers! Still covering all of you in prayer.

  6. Jessica

    Beautifully written and I could feel your ache as you described it. My heart and prayers go out to your family and especially your handsome little boy. I am anticipating the day you will be able to hold your fighting miracle.

  7. Carol Mularz

    Tera, You and Eli and your beautiful family are in my thoughts and prayers constantly. Words don’t come easily but, tears do! Keep your chin up and remember that Faith and the power of Prayer and “positive thinking” will help you to believe that good things will happen soon. What a beautiful Boy you have! He is so fortunate to have you! I love you! Aunt Carol (Lothian) Mularz

  8. Christin Shaeffer

    We are praying for you! Good thing we know the Great Healer! God is good and He will continue to be with you each step.
    We love you, Amos & Christin

  9. We are praying for you Elijah. We love you already too! The little things do matter each and every day. You are blessed Tera that you are able to see that. I can’t imagine the overwhelming feeling of desire to hold him…hang in there sweetie. Love you. You are an awesome mommy…

  10. Lex lex

    I thought about telling my teachers to pray for him so they did but one thing I was not expecting was the whole school! Apparently my teachers told the princesable about this and she told the whole school to pray for him and now on Friday Eli will have cards from the fourth grade mine is on top!

  11. Sarah

    He is gorgeous. I pray that his surgery goes well tomorrow – he is a fighter!!

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