A good night

Yes he had a good night. What does that mean though? While still on all his life saving machines, 15 different IV lines, and EEG machine Elijah had a night that was considered in the positive direction. He was weened off 3 medicines to stabilize his blood pressure and he is doing most of this work on his own now. His Lactate levels rose again to 11.8 but after 6 hours have come back down to a 7!!!!!! This is just great for him. They have gotten some of the fluid off his lungs and the x ray looked much better today. Baby E even got a bath and had socks put on.He even surprised everyone and opened an eye, but we did quickly sedate him after this so he wouldn’t have to feel anxiety about what was happening to him. I know his spirit is strong and this is his way of showing us.

I have told Eli over and over how proud I am of him and what a great job he is doing. I have also talked with him about holding him soon and letting him feel my heart again. I feel like this is motivating our little man. I kiss his feet and his little chest and just this touch of him has allowed my milk to come in and my mommy instincts are in full gear.  He looks just like his daddy and has the Farhat lips that I can’t wait to kiss. Even with 3 pounds of fluid on his body he is so amazingly beautiful.

My heart is filled with pride that my baby boy is so strong and I know he feels gods love as well as mine, and Ron’s.

The big brother and sisters are doing well a few funny quotes from there mouth to gods ear.

Ryan Mae(6) “I am new at this big sister thing, I need everyone to be patient with me”

Paige (8) “My heart knows inside it he will be ok, I feel it. God tells me”

Carter (11) “He looks like he has been in a fight, like Rocky”

Lexi (10) “Hey every bodie I think that we all should pray for Eli every night and every morning just so we can see if god herd our cry so that we all can someday have a happy little baby.”

Ryan Mae (6)  about the grand parents seeing Eli yesterday. “It is fair I am his sister why can’t I see him.”

Eli Monkey Socks



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5 responses to “A good night

  1. We just praise you Lord for Elijah’s life. That You knit him together in momma’s womb and have brought him into the brightness of Your creation. Thank you for the progress you are bringing and we look forward to the continuing miracles in his life!! Pour out new measures of peace for all of the family….we pray in Jesus holy and mighty name!

  2. Ann

    Happy to read good news on your blog today! Eli looks so good. Tera, hope you are feeling better. Much love sent to you all. Ann & Tim

  3. Kathy Kucyk

    Thinking of and praying for all of you. I will be saying an extra-special prayer as Elijah faces his surgery tomorrow. God bless you all.

  4. Penny Adams

    Praying for God to give Elijah strenghth. We went through the same thing with my granddaughter. She is now 5 yrs old and her last surgery a yr ago. She is doing well but the worrying never stops. Hang in there these precious babies have very special hearts and God has a plan for them. From all of the little heart patients I have seen, they have the biggest hearts and know better than anyone how to love

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