Tough Night

I sit here next to Eli and wonder what do I write to explain this night? I hear his life saving machines hard at work, pumping oxygen, dispensing medicine, beeping if his levels are to low, beeping if they are to high.I still feel blessed. We were told to take it one hour at a time and 12 hours later Elijah is still here and taking small steps to stabilize. The nurses and doctors never leave him and never stop moving, they are working miracles on our son.

Elijah is slowly heading in the right direction but by no means is he out of the woods. They stabilize one thing and another heads south.  He had very high sugar levels as well as lactate levels, the lactate levels being the most disturbing. The doctors has gotten his sugar levels under control and Elijah is maintaining these on his own now. We have gotten his Lactate numbers down from about 25 to 16. To put this number in perspective however a normal baby level should be 3 so he still has a lot of work to do but we are trending in the right direction.

To everyone who read our pleas for help, THANK YOU!  To those of you who started new prayer chains and reached out for help to people who don’t even know us, THANK YOU!!! I am asking for so much from everyone but please it worked so far, GOD is listening.

Just like during my pregnancy I have Elijah’s playlist on the IPod and sing out loud to him, and he likes it…haha! I kiss his precious foot, hold his tiny leg, and rub his head of hair. He is truly amazing and loved.



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9 responses to “Tough Night

  1. Holly Corr

    Tears in my eyes. I want to hold this baby someday….sooner rather than later (selfishly). As I know God always answers prayers but sometimes they don’t line up with our request, I still keep asking Him to allow Eli a chance to grow up knowing God, his parents and those brothers and sisters who want to spoil him so badly.

  2. Renee

    He is beautiful, my heart in braking for you. We are praying and we love you very much. Renee

  3. Ann parry

    Dear Tera and Ron, Tim, Leanne, Michael and I are all sending thoughts and prayers to you, Elijah and your family. So glad to read you are in the best place to get the best care for Elijah. We love you.

  4. Sherrie Nunheimer

    Tera, Ron and family, We are praying for you all but especially Elijah. We have you all in the prayers at church too. Please know we love you and you are in our thoughts. He is in the best hospital with the best care so God has taken care of that. Tera, you take care of you too!
    Sherrie & Dale

  5. Terry Vandlen

    Saying a prayer for Elijah and his family. Keep the faith. With love, Terry

  6. Rebecca Farhat-Singelis

    Hour by hour … Moment by moment … We are praying for you as are our extended families!!!

  7. Rebecca Farhat-Singelis

    Hey every bodie I think that we all should pray for Eli every night and every morning just so we can see if god herd our cry so that we all can someday have a happy little baby.

  8. Sherrie Baldwin

    I’m praying everyday for precious Elijah and for you and Ron. Our bible study group is praying as well. Love you…

  9. Our thoughts and prayers are with all of you through these coming days.

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